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Damn You All!
T.L. Davis

If this were a war we would be mobilizing our forces to deny the implementation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or, at a minimum, require any such currency to be accompanied by an alternative cash currency option backed by gold, silver or other precious metal, perhaps a metal commodity of an equal value of one or more metals held in reserve.

There is no doubt that all of the fiscal shenanigans that have taken place since 1913 have been facilitated by a fiat currency, that since the dropping of the Gold standard, by the Nixon Administration, debt has skyrocketed and inflation has been a constant threat to the dollar. Many nations are glad to rid themselves of the inflationary aspects of the dollar. This is why the BRICS are gaining ground worldwide and the dollar is on a glidepath to oblivion. 

It’s the globalists that plan to tie the death of the dollar as the world reserve currency and the end of the petrodollar as the time to unleash the CBDC. Right now, they’re calling it FEDNOW, watch for that term, it’s the Central Bank Digital Currency. It is the death of your rights and your freedoms. 

This is easily defeated, but then someone would actually have to listen to me and act in concert with what I’m willing to do. It doesn’t work if the answers to the gravest danger we will ever face is only implemented by myself and a few cronies. It has to be a widespread response, but we can drive them back into their holes and stick them with all of their financial moves that will be solved by a CBDC. You have to be willing to bring destruction on those who wish to imprison you to succeed, if you cannot do that, you will lose and me along with you. 

If they were willing to accept crypto as a means of doing business outside of the dollar, why don’t they just accept crypto as a means of paying taxes, fines and fees? Simple as that. They don’t need their own digital currency to accomplish a digital financial system. Yes, you’re right, it’s the ability to control it that makes a CBDC valuable to them. They want to control it so they can control you. 

But all you have to do is refuse to accept it as payment for your labor and refuse to expend labor unless your company has a means of compensating you for it in other than the CBDC. 

Simple as that, game over. 

But then, ending mask mandates was as easy as every employee refusing to wear a mask, every customer refusing to put them on. 

The Vaxx was easily defeated by people rationally refusing to take an experimental vaccine for a virus that was less deadly than the flu.

Right, none of that happened either, so, once again, when it would only take rational refusal, the idiots, the sheep, the fools will determine my fate, cost me my freedom by their stupid and insipid response to government proposals and demands. 

I, like you, am living in a society that will not stand up against the sexualization of our children, the sexual abuse of our kids in their schools where they are not supposed to be learning about sex, but about math, history and science. They will not stand up against a harmful injection of poison that causes sudden death under extreme physical exertion. They will not stand up against drag queen story hour in libraries. If they will not stand up to protect their children, their own lovely offspring, there’s no chance they will stand against the digital slavery of the CBDC.

So, where does that leave us? What pressure can we exert against this clear and obvious attack on our lives, our freedoms and our futures? 

What is the point in living in this world where there is no freedom, there is only control, poverty, starvation and death? What is it that is so appealing about that existence that it’s not worth risking one’s life to resist it? I don’t get it. I don’t understand. This is THE point at which we all rebel, that we turn our backs on our elected officials, when we ridicule them for their stupidity, their outright ignorance or complete evil. This is THE point that cannot be passed without recognizing that individual rights and sovereignty have been abandoned. 

I will not do it and I know I will be the only one, but I will accept no payment for labor that is not tied to either the cash dollar, or a currency backed by some form of commodity. I will NOT accept any digital currency for my labor. I will not accept some form of payment, of compensation, that is tied to my own imprisonment. 

That’s it, it’s that simple. If enough, even a quarter of the workers, recognize that they are being suckered into imprisoning themselves by taking the CBDC and they rebel, refuse to accept it, you get past that initial response, that initial repudiation and the powers that be seek to find another way; they look to accommodate you and those like you. But if you give in this one time, right here, you are done. You will never exert the power of the individual again, not as a union, not as a political party, not as a professional. You will condemn yourself to a slave from that moment on. 

Damn you all, for once in your lives fight back!






A novelist, screenwriter and film producer writes about politics and American culture.

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