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Why the Vaccinated Are MUCH More Likely
To Support a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine…
Joe Jarvis

You might think the number of COVID vaccines a person has taken has nothing to do with their support for NATO military intervention in Ukraine…

UNLESS something else is going on.

Could it be the same people susceptible to media fear propaganda about COVID are just as taken in by the propaganda that says the US should be involved militarily in Ukraine?

Sparked by some info from his recent Daily Bell article called ‘Oceania Had Always Been at War With Eurasia’: Corporate Media Shifts Public Enemy #1 Overnight, Ben Bartee and I discuss this in today’s video.

Here are further references for the items we discuss:

Josh Daws Twitter thread on the link between Critical Race Theory and transgender indoctrination.

MSNBC propaganda: “Pandemic fitness trends have gone extreme — literally”

NBC admits the CIA purposely spreads misinformation as a foreign policy tactic.


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