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The Death of a Nation Coming Soon…
Joe McCutchen


Is it me or thee who whispers while running from the truth?

Those who view their surroundings and find them unsatisfactory, the fear and whispering begins.

In the well of the U.S. Senate recently claimed a bloodcurdling statement offered by a U.S. Senator. Surely there must be a response focusing on the Senator’s wild-eyed statement in his last address and condemning the Republican Senator.

Our Founding Fathers from the onset feared political parties. Time, as usual, found them soundly right.

The two major parties in our nation are the cowardly, warmongering Republicans and the Democrat Marxists who want to destroy everything “American”. Between the two, our once preeminent Republic is perched on the precipice of annihilation! 

For example, and there are many, the political parties are presently permitting our nation to be overrun by 3rd world foreign nationals, legal & illegal, of all descript with no intention of curtailing these unwanted interlopers that are dead set on destroying Western Civilization – cultures and mores while sopping our hard earned productivity. The U.S. House of Representatives cowardly betrayal (supplies financing) insures our demise resulting ultimately in a collection of nomadic tribes. Diversity guarantees destruction from within, losing our freedoms and unending wars.

Now to U.S. Senator (R-MS) Roger Wicker. Comedian Ron White once opined “You can’t fix stupid”! The Senator passed way over the bar of being stupid. There is no denying that many in the House are stupid. Perhaps the Senator, and we can only hope that he failed to think out his verbiage. His abbreviated address centered on and about Republican warmongering, but the phrase that precipitated my rage and ire was his palavering throughout his address “KEEP ALL OPTIONS OPEN, INCLUDING NUCLEAR”. These kind of threats are incendiary and lead to war talk and more – i.e.nuclear genocide. The Senator’s remarks and positions were veiled threats to China and Russia, and others, and certainly could ignite a war between the aforementioned countries, while intensifying negative relations with Ukraine.

A side bar, for any number of reasons, Russia could be and wants to be a trading partner with the U.S. without American lies and subterfuge by politicians and media. Government honesty & integrity could make this a reality, while reducing the chance for war with both Russia and China.

It is not known how serious the Senator is about his nuclear option and how many in both Houses, coupled with the President share Wicker’s statement regarding nuclear annihilation.

In a comedic description the following cartoon describes the insanity of his remarks. Therefore if President Biden decides to launch a nuclear attack against Russia, seconds after he pushes the nuclear button President Putin will immediately follow suit. As the nuclear rockets pass each other on their way to their targets they wave at each other & opine each would be the first to reach their target. In ten seconds or so both hit their targets – a nuclear holocaust – leaving both in ashes. I would like to ask Senator Wicker who won the race?

To Senator Wicker, does it make any difference who reaches their target first? Senator do you think you might rethink your position on the nuclear option, along with possibly others?

THE MIDNIGHT FLIP – Diversity, Colorblindness, CRT, White Supremacy, Racist Fascism, Cancel Culture, Etc.

Learn what those terms really produce and save our nation.

Is it me or thee who whispers while running from the truth?

Another arrow in their quiver designed to destroy White Americans by a White American Marxist government bolstered by cyber gurus, media, and the creatures behind the curtains pulling the strings. This particular act helping transform Western Civilization by Cancel Culture occurred recently by removing the dominant White presence and showcasing the vast majority with people of color, e.g. national TV. The TV commercial & entertainment pages were transformed from White to Black overnight, subliminal force-feeding the white audiences. The changes were 2 years in the planning for the flip to occur resulting in more unearned largess dispensed to Blacks and of course was devoid of merit and competition.

The shot just fired was another grand-slam prompted by White Cultural Marxists busy destroying White heritage, our culture and Western Civilization! To be replaced with what? By minorities?

Blacks represent 13% of the U.S. population. Blacks for decades have been receiving Affirmative Action, Set-asides, Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing, Education, government employment, Quotas, and now dominate most of TV estimated to be 40 to 50% or more. . THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AN EMBARRASSMENT TO WHITE AMERICANS WHO SETTLED AND DEVELOPED OUR REPUBLIC – A WHITE NATION. Turning on your TV day or night, one would believe they were in Swaziland. The doles and the cries for war will never stop unless the entire Washington establishment is thrown out. Forget political parties, they are both corrupt to the core.

The above is compounded by Blacks and other minorities constantly hurling non-complimentary language bombs (racist, etc.) coupled to blood warfare and other acts of violence. The national justice system, i.e. law and order, lies moribund as does the Congress and the Senate. The question now is, what is the depth of this irreversible ambush? Most assuredly was by design.

Up to this point in history the U.S. has been the beacon of envy with no challengers, now transformed to the beacon of shame. Mom and Dad citizens along with other middle classes are up to our eyeballs engulfed in defending against censorship, a soiled judicial system, spying, P.C., Domestic Terrorism, DIVERSITY – I.E. THE NATION KILLER, phony hate crimes, and worst the massive invasions of unchecked illegal foreign nationals. Decadence in real time. Again; all compliments of our corrupt governments, top down. Whites crafted and have sustained our Republic since 1776 and has been the most generous nation in the history of man. Why then a transfer of power to ethnic groups lacking meaningful accomplishments tucked away in their empty satchels. Of course there are many exceptions who are exceptional in minority communities, but I speak of the masses.

Non-interrupted mass illegal immigration has seized the day and the compass pointing toward a nation of lawless non-producers and other criminal nomads. The physical/mental abuse of children by human and drug traffickers and their mind altering and indoctrination served up by the public school system, i.e. CRT (that white children are born racists & coloreds are simply victims) taught by feckless, corrupt administrators and sheeple teachers. The final goal being what they stupidly call a color-blind society, creating ultimately a universal Brown society. God created a beautiful color scheme (for I.D.), all ethnic groups came with color. Nature glows with beautiful aesthetic qualities derived from God’s array of colors. An aura that humans should not tamper with. Yet these stupids in our nation’s capital, big tech, media, and the NEA indoctrinates feverishly to destroy White children and their beautiful minds. Is it me or thee who whispers while running from the truth? Be ever mindful that today’s Blacks & Whites have 2 vastly different cultures and that diversity destroys nations. A gulf between. Observe which of the two are successful as a whole.

Finally by way of the criminal American government – the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Executive are financing our demise on money we don’t have nor ever will because of their self-service, lavish spending, unending wars, and failure to reduce the gigantic doles that underwrite the $33 Trillion national debt – never to be paid.

Turning to Republican Arkansas Senator John Boozman, tell us what you have accomplished in 24 years lounging in the D.C. cesspool and looking for 6 more?

The Senator recently mailed and 8×10 color ad dominated by his picture on one side dressed like a college freshman.

Let’s examine the other side of the cleverly crafted campaign ad by a high dollar ad agency. Not one commitment.

1. “Fighting for Conservative values in the Senate”. (Name the values! How & why just the Senate?)

2. “Now more than ever Arkansas needs strong Conservative leadership”. (Who do you suggest in D.C. ? Certainly not himself. The Senator is totally devoid of leadership in D.C. in the most corrupt city in the U.S. next to Chicago.)

3. “Commitment to be a tireless champion for Arkansas families, values, freedoms”. (Notice the words “to be”. He has indicated the Senator just hasn’t started yet. Why and how?) The Senator always leans on the words “values” and “conservative”. Describe the values!

4. “Top Priorities: stand up to Terrorists, better way to secure our borders”. (How? Better than former President Trump’s? You never publicly endorsed any of President Trump’s programs.) You declared in your second term in Congress via the Fort Smith Times Record in bold red letters you had declared war on illegal immigration, never to be seen again. No doubt a hostile phone call from the Walton’s & Tyson’s, et al, You state you are going to stand up to the Terrorists – what does that mean and how? Senator Boozman’s platform filled with nebulous statements that comports with his 24 yrs in D.C., i.e. devoid of commitments and accomplishments which frames him as nothing but the Court Jester.

Joe McCutchen
January 24, 2022
April 4, 2022


Joe has been an activist for the Constitution and against unwise policies on Immigration, legal & illegal, for decades.

Across the nation he has appeared on many, many talk shows, he has confronted local, state, & federal politicians & officials of all persuasions, he has been interviewed by countless reporters, written about in numerous publications and of course been the target of several Leftist/Socialist/Communist publications, authors, interviewers, etc. His thousands of letters to the editor have been published and alerted citizens to corruption & usurpations over many decades.

He has spearheaded efforts to get politicians defeated on the basis of their anti-American policies and to get various anti-immigration organizations to coalesce in their efforts…some successful, some not.

He is the epitome of the Scots Irish described in James Webb’s (former Senator & Secretary of Navy) book, “Born Fighting”…and proud of it.

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