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What you and your community need to do within the first 90 days
of a catastrophic collapse
Arsenio Toledo

The past two years have proven that society is hanging on by a thread and one catastrophic disaster could cause an entire country to collapse at any moment. Here are things you can do to increase the odds of getting through this kind of survival scenario.

The first three days

The first 24 to 72 hours after society collapses can be considered a “calm before the storm,” as more and more people begin to realize that what has happened to their communities – or their entire nation – is not a temporary effect but a long-term situation.

This is your prime window of opportunity to act. Gather all of the resources you may need for your survival plan and purchase or barter for everything else you need immediately. Food and water will be your priority, but don’t forget to think about the supplies you need to take care of your health and your defense.

With every member of your survival network, figure out what you will do from here on out. Whether this means hunkering down and securing your shelter or gathering all of the supplies you need to bug out to a safer place, this decision must be made soon so that you can have a head start before the rest of society understands that the collapse has already happened. (Related: No man is an island: The benefits of helping your community learn how to prep before SHTF.)

First month

After the first three days, society will begin to unravel very quickly. Emergency services will disappear, electronic transactions will be unavailable, paper money will quickly be phased out of use in favor of bartering and more and more of your neighbors who haven’t yet bugged out will begin doing so.

If you and your survival network decided to hunker down, you must keep as low of a profile as possible. Riots will be breaking out as the unprepared fight and kill for dwindling resources and you and your network’s main goal at this moment will be to preserve your resources while you build up your capacity for long-term survival.

The last two months

Within 30 days, the massive rioting and violence that broke out at the beginning of the collapse will start to die down. There will be virtually no unclaimed resources left, any semblance of government or any of its infrastructure will be destroyed and surviving communities will start turning inward to protect their own people and resources.

By this point, you and your community must have already learned how to repair or replenish everything you will need to survive. This means learning how to grow food, how to harvest and purify water and how to repair your shelters and defensive structures.

If you and your community are not knowledgeable about how to survive long-term within 90 days after a massive collapse, it will be very difficult – if not outright impossible – for you to keep going much longer.

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