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What’s In YOUR Jab?
Ben Garrison

If people really knew the ingredients in vaccines they’d reject the poisoned needles.

Of course, the ingredients listed in my cartoon are not concise – there are far more noxious substances I could have added – and I realize each vaccine has different variants. The mRNA jab can’t really be called a vaccine at all – it’s experimental gene therapy. 

Many Americans are health nuts who exercise regularly and watch what they eat. They’d never smoke or take drugs. Yet not only are they willing to take under-tested vaccines, they are actually eager to do it. Why? Because many are obedient statists who want to do what big government and the medical industrial complex tell them to do. The mainstream media completes the brainwashing.

Just say no to dangerous vaccines.




Ben Garrison is a right-wing, pro-Trump American political cartoonist. He is a self-described libertarian. His cartoons are often about conservative figures and right wing politicians such as President Donald Trump.In a 2015 interview with Breitbart News, he said he did not support any presidential candidate in the 2016 election, but said he admires Trump for "shaking up the neocon-controlled Republican Party. He lives in Lakeside, Montana.





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