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Silver Surges: Anticipation of Rate Cuts Sparks 4% Price Jump in a Week

Amidst signs of a potential U.S. rate cut, silver prices soared over 4% within a week, driven by a slowdown in U.S. manufacturing and declining consumer sentiment. Key Federal Reserve officials hinted at monetary policy adjustments, while global silver demand is forecasted to rise by 1%, led by record industrial demand and a resurgence in jewelry fabrication, despite a projected 6% decline in silver investment.


Silver Price Surge:  Silver prices surged over 4% in a week, driven by anticipation of a potential rate cut in June amid indications of a U.S. manufacturing slowdown and declining consumer sentiment in February.

Inflation and Monetary Policy:  U.S. inflation aligning with estimates and positive disinflation progress in Europe fueled market expectations, awaiting further cues from Eurozone inflation data. Key Federal Reserve officials hinted at potential interest rate cuts, emphasizing a cautious approach towards monetary policy adjustments.

Economic Indicators:  U.S. unemployment benefits rose beyond expectations, reaching 215,000 in the week ended February 24th, highlighting economic challenges.

Global Silver Demand:  Forecasted to increase by 1%, driven by a projected record high in industrial demand and a resurgence in jewelry and silverware offtake. India is anticipated to witness a 9% rise in silver jewelry fabrication, contributing to a record 6% increase in worldwide consumption.

Industrial Demand:  Expected to surge by 4% to a record 690 million ounces, building upon last year's peak, reflecting robust industrial activity.

Silver Investment:  Projected to decline by 6%, influenced by gains in the U.S. stock market, indicating shifting investor sentiment.

Supply Dynamics:  Total global silver supply estimated to grow by 3% to 843 million ounces in 2024, reaching an eight-year high of 1.02 billion ounces, primarily driven by a recovery in mine output. However, recycling volumes are expected to decrease by 3%, mainly due to reduced jewelry and silverware scrap supply despite advancements in recycling technologies.


The recent surge in silver prices, fueled by anticipation of a U.S. rate cut and positive market sentiment, underscores the metal's role as a safe-haven asset amid economic uncertainties. Despite challenges in silver investment, robust industrial demand and growing consumption, particularly in India, are expected to support prices. As the Federal Reserve navigates monetary policy decisions and economic indicators continue to influence market dynamics, stakeholders should closely monitor silver's trajectory for strategic investment opportunities.




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