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Adobe’s Firefly AI Erases Whites Like Google’s Gemini
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It is tempting to single out Google, because it is so powerful, so all-pervasive, so arrogant, and so conspicuously hostile to our very existence. However, the threat isn’t limited to a single company. Big Tech is rotted through with the ideology Google seeks to inflict.

The erasure of Caucasians is a central pillar of the leftist agenda. Google’s alarming radicalism was exposed when its Gemini AI depicted even the Founding Fathers as black. Surely only Google would push moonbattery to such a preposterous extreme. Yet consider Adobe’s Firefly:

I asked Firefly to create images using similar prompts that got Gemini in trouble. It created Black soldiers fighting for Nazi Germany in World War II. In scenes depicting the Founding Fathers and the constitutional convention in 1787, Black men and women were inserted into roles. When I asked it to create a comic book character of an old white man, it drew one, but also gave me three others of a Black man, a Black woman and a white woman. And yes, it even drew me a picture of Black Vikings, just like Gemini.

Adobe issued a statement yelping about “harmful stereotypes.”

When AI imposes liberal utopia, whites will never have existed.



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