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The largest psychological warfare in history, and YOU are the experiment
Dr. Stephanie Coxon

The concept of classical conditioning originated from the experiments of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Pavlov was a physiologist who noticed that his dogs would begin to salivate over objects the dogs associated with food. Perhaps you are more familiar with the more recognized theory name, Pavlov’s Conditioning. Essentially, actions or behaviors are learned by connecting a neutral stimulus with a positive one. In his case, when a bell was rung, the dogs expected to receive food, and they would start to salivate in anticipation. You have been trained like this throughout your lifetime and perhaps haven’t caught on… yet. Let me help you.

If you are a Starbucks aficionado, currently, you are psychologically run by their point system. If you use their app, you get points for your purchase. If you purchase their suggested items, you get more points. Right now, they are introducing their new drink, Oleanto. Here, the neutral stimuli is the new drink, and the positive stimuli is the extra 25 points you receive when you purchase that specific drink. This psychology is used almost everywhere these days. When Panera first introduced its self-ordering system, it would give each customer a free cookie for placing their order through the screen rather than the cashier. This lasted for several months. Once customers got used to the ordering, the cookie was taken away, but the behavior continued.

We see this currently with the new security checkpoints at the airport. You allow them to take your picture without question, and you get moved through the line quicker. The quickness is the reward. Remember the free lotteries, donuts, etc, with your covid vaccine? Do you see it now? We are the dogs in their psychological experiment to move us where they need us. We could write a 100 page paper just on the number of times the government and corporations have used this method on you.

When we get to the point where all of our freedoms are lost, will you look back and wonder if the convenience or the rewards were worth it? There are two great movers in this world: love and fear. If positive conditioning doesn’t get you, the fear will.

When I took my now thirteen-year-old to his pediatrician at six months old, they offered me the flu shot. After saying no thank you, I was told that my decision would put my child in the hospital and possibly kill him. Please note, to date, he has never been in the hospital or close to death, nor has he ever had the flu. Instead of offering me solid data to help change my mind, which would have been the rational thing to do, they used fear because that is a greater driver. Fear is an especially effective tool with women who are typically the ones going to the doctors’ offices with their children. Women are more emotionally driven, and they use that against us. The only problem is that, in my case, it must be rational for me to pay attention, otherwise I view you as a used car salesman and promptly walk away.

In an issue of Cell (2012), they identified 16 genes that are expressed differently in female mice versus male mice, indicating that the differences were not only found in the hypothalamus but also in the amygdala, where emotions are processed. What does this mean? If they want a female to follow the propaganda, they need to hit the emotions. Why? Because your memories are stored in the hippocampus, those memories are designed around emotions that start in the amygdala. This is how the female remembers down to the second every last wrong thing her husband ever did. This also means that by controlling the emotional experience, you can completely change the way you live your physical life. This is your cue to turn off the television, which is designed to give you a negative emotional response.

Now that we know a couple of their strongest methods, what are the next steps? First, look at any situation where an award is offered and ask yourself what the long-term advantage is because, eventually, that reward will no longer be available, but for you, the habit is formed. In the case of Panera, less cashiers, less people to provide service, more work for you, and no reward at the end.

Now, to take on the giant elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about credit cards. Have you noticed they are using the same model? If you use a credit card, you get more security, rewards, and cash back. However, let’s stop there for just a second. Is a credit card more secure than cash or checks? According to experts, yes, however, if you have the “tap” or “chip” technology, I would argue the opposite. There have been reports of consumer cards being close enough to the tap function that they pay for an item multiple times because multiple credit cards from the wallet picked up the transaction.

In addition, it is possible for someone to walk by you and pick up your information. While the incidence level is low, it is possible. To condition you into using credit cards versus cash, they have put out reports regarding everything from the “dirtiness” of money to change shortages. Of course, a more compelling argument – you get your money back if someone steals your credit card but not if someone steals your cash.

All of these methods are either positive reinforcement, like our favorite dog theory, or based on fear. That being the case, why are they doing it? The next answer may seem obvious after years of implementation… the move to completely digital currency (with a digital ID to boot). A completely trackable, no freedom, we are watching everything you do, what you spend, if and how you spend it, currency.

In China, they’ve actually tested a form — a digital paycheck that expires within a certain period. Spend it and spend it where you want, or you lose it. There is no option for savings or anything else. Sound scary? It should. You are living amidst the largest psychological warfare in history, mostly unknown to the population. It is time to start evaluating every situation you see. Stop taking the cookie and stop salivating like a dog.






Stephanie Coxon is a mother of five and a medical freedom activist. She sits on the steering committee for PCIC ( and for Right Minded Women. After graduating at the age of 19 with a BS in Marketing, she went on to get an MBA in International Business. After 13 years of teaching at the collegiate level, she went on for a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Management. During this period, she also started learning about natural health and was certified as a Natural Health Professional. Continuing down the natural medicine road, she became a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and partnered with an MD to create a practice that focuses on holistic health. Currently, she manages a holistic medical practice and works with people to create a wellness lifestyle and regain their health.

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