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TL Davis

I don’t know if the revelations surrounding the January 6th tapes will result in anything. When you live in a nation where the capitol could be nuked by Russia and the headline would be “Mostly Black City Bombed by Whites;” where even as the crater continues to smoke, propagandists can go on television and with the smoke rising above the crater rail on about the effects of it on climate change; I don’t know what ultimately filters out to the rabble who merely go to work, sports events and pick up the kids from school. I can do all of those things and still recognize that my nation’s government is out to murder and terrorize the population. 

But the January 6th tapes should be, in any rational, reasonable society, the most explosive and damning evidence of government corruption and treason as has ever been recorded and displayed. They confirm every conspiracy theory of January 6. They show that the government, in it’s desperation to prevent the realization that the November 3rd election was a coup, an overthrow of the republic, was willing to entrap and victimize concerned citizens of the nation, imprison them and in Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland’s cases, was willing to kill them in cold blood. This is what they show. 

In Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell’s cases, it goes further than that. They were present, they were in charge, they had the ability, along with Nancy Pelosi, to prevent it and it turns out now, they were all involved in the entrapment, conspired to create the illusion of an insurrection in order to punish peaceful protesters. Why? To put a definitive end to protests about their coup.

These are big time politics, these are Caesar, King Lear and the Trojan Horse all rolled into one storyline. Someday, AI will write plays about this moment when the whole of the government of the US turned against its citizens, when it unleashed a bioweapon to depose a sitting president, then when the protests came, they faked an insurrection to imprison their victims. As a writer, I find this whole scenario, these true facts too convoluted and outlandish to propose as a storyline, knowing that I’d be told to just focus on the insurrection, or the fake election, or the pandemic bioweapon and not try to tie them all together, but that’s exactly what’s happened. 

So, in response to the truth, at least of the fake insurrection, they come out with these vehement diatribes against freedom of speech, freedom of the press, due process and justice. Their reason, their motivation for these remarks, is to stir the muck, give the muckrakers something to rake; to make people distrust and detest those showing them the truth of January 6th, because they can’t refute the evidence. 

What I’m suggesting is that the reader not fall for the division of crimes into smaller sections, the way an editor would do, but tie them all together. The narrative should be that if the insurrection was a lie, as it was, then what was that lie intended to protect? Obviously, that’s the fraudulent election, which lends a lot of credibility to the fact that it was fraudulent. The escorted protesters could then “interfere” with the counting of the delegates. Who did that benefit? Those involved in the fraudulent election. If that happened, how did it happen? It happened because the pandemic allowed for election laws to be radically changed or ignored all together. Who allowed that? Those intent on getting Trump out of office, by any means, with any weapon, because he was not one of them, did not play their corrupt game and endangered their now clear money-laundering schemes in Ukraine, a war started and encouraged not by Putin, but by the heavy-handedness of Biden, who benefits from the war more than any other single person on the planet, except maybe Putin. 

Where did the pandemic come from that they used to manipulate all of this? It came from a lab somewhere, in Wuhan or North Carolina, from our enemy the Chinese, or the Department of Defense. It was an attack by those who have bribed the beneficiary of the fraudulent election or from our own government bureaucrats, actually they are one in the same. Neither is more dangerous or serious than the other and it all speaks to an unbelievable amount of corruption and treason and the knowledge of that instigated the protest which covered for the fake insurrection. 

Getting to the bottom of any of it is not as important as understanding that NONE of it could have taken place without the longstanding, enduring collaboration of our government officials acting with malice and intent against their people. NONE of it benefitted anyone, but them. For that alone, they all should be thrown out of office, the government dissolved. Anything less results in continued attacks. 

I don’t know how you go about restructuring and reinstituting a government for the United States, maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe, we should dissolve the federal government en masse and start at the state level and each state figure out who conspired with these federal officials and get rid of them without disrupting the social order, or causing great chaos and unrest. It can certainly be done. 

The federal government wants you to believe that without it the whole nation would devolve into chaos, but it wouldn’t. We still have state laws, state police, city police, county sheriffs who know the laws we want enforced. The only chaos would be amongst the corrupt. What would stop is the manipulation and implementation of the ridiculous federal laws, the ones that make each of us co-conspirators into our own demise. The federal power that restricts our laws that would otherwise prevent the flood of illegals and fentanyl through the border. Almost everything evil that we face comes from that diseased swamp in Washington DC.

We are in serious times. The economic system will collapse, it’s just a matter of time. The Silicon Valley Bank failure a few days ago was just the start. FDIC, don’t count on them, either, they don’t have enough money to pay off depositors in excess of that already owed to the depositors of the Silicon Valley Bank, so any others will go without. The same day the stocks of four of the major banks tanked hard. Existential wars brew both in Ukraine and Taiwan. We need a serious government that cares about the people to stand ready to handle these other threats to the homeland, not these criminals and traitors. 

Perhaps dissolving the federal government will cause a civil war, but if so, it’s the civil war they’ve been fomenting for decades, between liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites, rich and poor. Without them, there would be no worry of that and they do it all for political power, not to solve anything or improve anything, but just to be “in charge.”

I’m not unreasonable, either. We must certainly offer these office-holders in Washington the level of respect and due process they offered the protesters on January 6th, except that being guilty they deserve the punishments of all traitors and murderers. 

My novels of freedom, and especially individuality, Rebel and Rogue about a young man, growing up trying to do the right thing. They’re available on Amazon and our website 12 Round Productions, where you can also find access to our red-pill film Lies of Omission.





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