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Fly Away from Your Own Destruction
Justin O. Smith

Well … the more things change the more they remain the same.

I don’t think any of us really knows what it’s going to take to turn life in America around and place it back on a more reasoned and moral path, but it’s a certainty that the nation will soon self-destruct, if it doesn’t soon abandon the policies being implemented by Joe Biden’s anti-American regime. There isn’t any nation that can survive forever being torn between two antithetical ideologies in such a nonsensical, irresponsible and subversive and treasonous manner.

It speaks to America’s mass delusional, corrupt nature that they could so willingly give themselves over to a philosophy that will ultimately make them all slaves on the promise of “free stuff” and cradle to grave care from the government, this regime or any other. As so often noted by so many, a government that has the power to grant privilege and gifts also has the power to take them away. 

I suppose it was my upbringing, but I’ve never thought so much of money that it became the center of my life. It’s good to have enough of it laying around, but it really isn’t going to make me or break me if I have a little more or a little less. But it hurts me to the core of my very being to have even the smallest little piece of my individual liberty put upon and assaulted, regardless of where the assault originates.

Biden and company don’t really fully or properly understand where they are pushing the American people. Or maybe they do.

Too many Good Ol’ Boys are out here in America’s Fly-Over Country, intently watching, waiting and ready, and millions of them are Veterans of Foreign Wars and well-versed in the art of war, in low-intensity and guerrilla warfare. Many more are well versed in similar skills from time spent in the wild, tracking and shooting wild game, like deer, elk and bear, utilizing spot-and-stalk techniques [high-quality optics] and long-range shooting skills that are very similar to the skills needed in modern guerrilla warfare.

If Americans ever do get the steel in their balls and back to rebel against this beast of a government they have on their hands, through some strong showing of force of arms, it won’t just be a military war. The politics of it will matter greatly, in the same manner the world saw when the Irish Republican Army took the Brits to task and pounded them into submission over a sixty or seventy year period. Once a fairly significant number of Americans show that they’re willing to kill, die or go to prison, and dare the Democratic Party Communists to overreact, they’ll gain even more significant support when innocent people are shot or arrested. American blood is political currency, a currency no one wants to waste.

It’s going to take a good amount of spilled American blood and a civil war, if the American people are ever to find their way back to lives of real freedom and liberty. May we emerge victorious and vanquish our enemies to the four winds or to their graves. ~ J.O.S.

America: Fighting a War Between Good and Evil

I hope this strikes a chord with many young Americans, especially those who may still be sitting on the fence, not yet fully comprehending the scope of the current treason being committed against America by those who hide behind pretty words like “democracy”, all the while they plot America’s downfall and death.

“The future is unknown, and stands before a man like autumnal fogs rising from the swamps: birds fly foolishly up and down in it with flapping wings, never recognizing each other, the dove seeing not the vulture, nor the vulture the dove, and no one knows how far he may be flying from his own destruction.” ~ Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, 1835

Conquest of Good and Evil, James Montgomery Flagg, 1908

The freedom and liberty-loving American people, unlike Gogol’s birds, perfectly well see the means and the perpetrators of their destruction today and more so than at any other time in our country’s history. They see the evil, tyrannical monsters within the Biden regime that currently stalk the American people, as Joe Biden and his advocates of a Marxist-Maoist, transhumanist cancel culture deconstruct and dismantle the legal order of the Constitution and the traditional American culture and attack every virtue and principle of the founding, poisoning our society with their insane, delusional, false, propaganda-driven worldview in their hopes to create their new world order from the ongoing chaos, a world order governed by like-minded psychopaths.

Try as hard as one may choose, the voice of reason falls on deaf ears, when dealing with monsters who are intent of conquering and subjugating entire populations. To stop a monster on the move against a whole people and their inalienable God-given rights, the people must rise up and kill the monster, eradicate it from all existence.

We are fighting a war between good and evil, for our freedom and our very lives. It’s not just politics as usual, not when our enemy ignores any law and the rules based order of things to achieve their goal by any means necessary, in order to force all Americans to comply with their illegitimate, illegal edicts – not when our enemy uses newly weaponized government agencies in multiple attempts to force all Americans to serve them, swear allegiance to them and their regime and relinquish the principles of freedom and individual liberty that founded America.

The country is currently in the conniving, deceptive and manipulative hands of subversive “elites” and corporatist oligarchs who are undermining America as we speak. And ironically, they are accomplishing their destructive ends through the cries for “democracy” and basic mob rule and the uneducated Americans who accept the Big Lie that the government can somehow make them more prosperous and provide them greater liberty, if only they’ll place their liberty in the hands of those who actually seek their undoing and their enslavement to Big Government; too many Americans can’t see their own contradictions and their ignorance is driving the entire country into a wasteland of tyranny that means the end of America and the unsurpassed prosperity its people have enjoyed ’til now.

Conservative, Christian Americans have objected strenuously against the multipronged attacks on everything most good and decent people in our country hold most sacred, but not matter what laws their respective states pass to protect and defend our inalienable God-given rights, the Democratic Party Communists prod Joe Biden forward to simply ignore, nullify and circumvent the actually law of the land, too often with the help of Marxist-minded activist judges at the federal level. Even when the Supreme Court rules against his regime’s policies, Biden pushes on with some newly created deception to implement his illegal policy, whether we speak of his continued abandonment of border security and controls or his continued support for his people in the education system who still teach Critical Race Theory and promote the Globalist-Homo Transgender agenda from elementary school through post-graduate studies.

They’ve already taught at least two generations of naturalized American citizens to hate white Americans. And now, as if that isn’t enough, they are also teaching the millions of illegal aliens to hate white Americans too, if they haven’t already been taught this lesson by the time they reach the southern border by Pueblos Sin Fronteras or Open Society or one of the other many leftist organizations from foreign nations, like China, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum who are also funding the chaos at our borders and ports of entry. Over 40 million illegal aliens by some sound educated estimates reside in America, to our great detriment, as the Democratic Party maneuvers and positions them to vote illegally in upcoming elections.

Petey takes it in the Butt, while he sticks it in Ours!

Just look at the crimes against nature and God they are committing against America’s children, as they promote a nationwide campaign at every level, on every television and cable news channel and every other medium of entertainment and in all segments of society. They deny the first absolute truth that there are only two sexes, male and female, as they attempt to force everybody to accept the lie and a deviancy that denies God’s creation. They are ultimately advancing an unimaginable horror upon America, that has it’s roots in the worst of history’s eugenics movement and a genetic manipulation program one once only read about in science fiction and horror novels, pushing our culture and humanity itself to it’s vanishing point, in the name of transgenderism and a sameness that seems to say everybody wants to be queer and less human – at least to hear the anti-Family, anti-God Democratic Party Communists tell the tale.

Everywhere one looks one sees an ungodly rainbow flag these days, from Seattle to Bozeman to Bossier City and on to Nashville, Fairfax, Charleston, Naples, Tampa and New York and Portsmouth. It represents the sameness the Globalist-Homo-Technocrats are choosing and facilitating for the entire population. And while I may not care if a big ol’ hairy man sticks his member in another big ol’ hairy man or women place their mouths in the most unnatural of places on each other, except for the effect it will have on their immortal souls, I do strongly, adamantly and fiercely object to having any government forcing me to validate this deviant sickness by way of coercion and threats, just as the Biden regime is still doing.

Hell – in Biden’s worldview, everybody’s free to be a 500 pound glutinous, pink-furred, gorilla-bunny sex-worker on 55th and Lexington, in the eastside of downtown Manhattan, if only they’ll hold their mouths right and say the magic words: “Long live Marx; long live the New World Order” – or maybe – “I’ll be happy with NOTHING!

They decry our capitalist system at every opportunity, while holding onto the pretense that capitalism is the root of most of our society’s social ills, from poverty and homelessness to, yes, even racism, refusing to understand our system has been failing, in large part, precisely due to the Marxist unprincipled, delusional tenets they’ve interjected in it. The American socialists are the creators of our modern day fascist economic system, the corporatist malaise that stifles competition and a truly free market economy.

Joe Biden’s communist cronies decry capitalism, and yet they are more than willing to make use of its economic engine to promote their Marxist idiocy and the insane ideas behind the Climate Change theft and tyranny that would have us wither and die as a nation and a people, while China, Russia, Iran and all the rest of the world thrives at our expense. But this matters not a wit to them, as they also line their own pockets with government money and act like their wants and wishes are more important than any ordinary American’s needs, much as seen through the actions of Climate Czar John Kerry or Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary.

They refuse to acknowledge that the capitalist engine that existed prior to 1913 was responsible for creating the highest standard of living for all Americans, and many across the world, than any other system ever seen throughout the span of history. The evidence is inconvertible, and still those Marxist-Maoist champions of the impoverished rail against capitalism.

Man’s well-being is not their goal. The total control of man is. And so, they move to eradicate private property, physical cash, and our Bill of Rights, individual liberty and our rights to make real and righteous choices for our lives that most suit what we know to be best for the goals and destiny we seek to achieve for ourselves, without the heavy hand of government and the interference of the ignorant, self-serving fat ass ideologues and bureaucrats. One need only review the Democratic Party’s platform statements since the early 1900s to see the veracity of this, especially during FDR’s years in power.

So intent are they to control everything in the country and recreate our system and themselves to be gods on earth, they are moving with lightning speed to supplant the U.S. Constitution with rules and “laws” from the U.N. Agenda, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, that are all designed to abrogate the Constitution and kill U.S. sovereignty and individual liberty. The Global-Homo so-called “elites” want America and every other nation on earth and all their people to prostrate themselves before them as obsequious serfs, with the choice of serving them or dying, since they hold to the Malthusian premise that the ideal number of humans on the planet is a paltry 500,000 people.

These new American communists of the Democratic Party have been attacking the civilizational foundations of America from the turn of the 20th century, because they hate the normal, traditional order and morally based laws that stand in the way of their “anything-goes society”. They hate America’s founding principles and its Christian roots that stand in the way of their hedonistic, immoral evil machinations and the unacceptable behavior [at least if one is a normal, sane human being] that they so dearly love and embrace and tout as the new wave for all humanity.

They are beyond any normal sense of logic and reason, and never has that fact been made more apparent or more obvious than during the years between 2008 and the present.

Any American full well understands that under Joe Biden’s regime, or any other Democratic Party Communist regime, they certainly are free to choose. They’re free to choose, just as long as their choice is for the Marxist-Maoist Cancel Culture Machine; free to choose, so long as that choice doesn’t get in the way of murdering babies; free to choose to refuse a Covid “vaccine” just as long as you don’t mind being removed from your job; free to choose transgender mutilation but nothing that presents a choice to seek medical help and counseling to heal them of their gender dysphoria; free to say anything, just as long as it doesn’t offend one of their ranks or states an absolute truth that contradicts their tyrannical-minded ideology; free to defend yourself and your property, so long as you don’t kill a member of Antifa or Black Lives Matter – or an illegal alien – in the process; free to choose to live in government housing on welfare and riding public transportation but don’t dare buy a hundred acre farm and a truck with a V-8 gasoline engine or fly too often – you see, that’s reserved for the likes of Al Gore and John Kerry and all the other narcissistic, psychopathic, megalomaniacs.

Biden in the Shitter

With the Democrats ever the more intransigent in their positions and demands for society, compromise has long come to be a thing of the distant past. And with an overabundance of RINO’s in our government, too often, the Democratic Party Communists win the day, due to Republican betrayals from dirty, corrupt politicians who have no qualms over betraying all Americans, even to the point of committing treason.

More often than ever before, Americans are no longer surprised to hear the calls for the separation of those who embrace tyranny and serfdom from those who love our freedom and individual liberty. We’ve heard the call for secession from several highly respected people, including Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and many agree that it’s past time.

As recently noted by Ryan McMaken [Mises Wire]:

“Opposition to secession is more about supporting the status quo. They want a national government to impose nationwide policy in a way that reflects the national ruling class’s values. It’s the colonialist mindset all over again: ‘Oh, we can’t let those people in state X set their own rules for elections/abortion/trade. Those people are too unenlightened/ racist/ stupid to be allowed local autonomy’.”

People fail to understand that even in supposed “red” or conservative states, the population is often heavily infiltrated by communists, especially in the major big cities, and so one could secede away and still end up with the same problems in each seceding area. Democratic Party Communists are masters of subversion, betrayal and treason, and as long as any large contingent of Democrats can be found in any locale, that area will suffer significant and dire consequences from their interactions in that locale’s governmental affairs.

Although some Marxists have eventually changed their views from the days of being radical sons of the Communist Movement, by using sound logic and reason, in the manner of Daniel Horowitz, who was raised in New York by communist parents, for the most part, the hardcore ideologues never depart from the Party line and remain a thorn in society’s side wherever they are found. Maybe if we had the same luxury of spreading our conservative message as the communists have had for over 100 years, we might eventually win back a significant number of hearts and minds, but to date, the Marxist-Maoist message has received so much air-time as to have corrupted society on the whole and reared up generations of people who have come to believe and expect to be rewarded by the government for doing nothing, or doing the least productive job in the worst possible and most incompetent manner. They truly see nothing wrong with taking money from hardworking American tax-payers to give to those who have never put forth any real effort in their entire lives.

For me, the very notion of allowing any of the tiniest parcel of American land to remain in communist hands under any set of circumstances is gross and repugnant. Even should some or many conservatives choose to peacefully secede, the Democratic Party Communists cannot leave well enough alone, cannot “live and let live” and absolutely will not allow anyone within near proximity to live free if they have any say in it. Any such parcel of land will only and always serve as a base for expansion into uninfected regions, regions that have not yet fallen to their Marxist-Maoist idiocies, and any mention of secession will have the Democrats frothing at the mouth and raging and calling for war, because if conservative Americans leave and take their wealth, they lose. And before I or any other American patriot witnesses any further destruction of America at their hands, it would be much more preferable to fight them and drive them from America or put them in the ground, rather than waiting for compromises that never arrive, or keep on hoping against hope that they may one day soon grow to love America and stop their egregious assaults against Her.

Until some hard men make some easy choices for the defense of all America and freedom and liberty, the communist juggernaut under the direction of treasonous puppets like Joe Biden will continue with its revision of American history and the destruction of all America.

In today’s political environment, with so much election fraud still being set in motion for 2024, a politicized Department of Justice, FBI and Homeland Security — all doing the Democratic Party’s dirty work and essentially committing treason against America, by throwing their resources and manpower behind a movement that seeks to end the Founding of America — if a man or woman isn’t willing to shoot a federal agent or some unelected bureaucrat, and anyone else for that matter, an enemy from within, who is trampling on our inalienable God-given rights and suppressing our freedom and liberty, after all grievances and voices of reason have gone unheard, then they aren’t serious about defending America.

A communist cancer is killing America. Make the easy choice. Kill the monsters before they finish the job of destroying America and fly away from your own destruction and the destruction of all you love.



Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

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