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Fourth Turning 2022 – Bad Moon Rising
 Jim Quinn

“Try to unlearn the obsessive fear of death (and the anxious quest for death avoidance) that pervades linear thinking in nearly every modern society. The ancients knew that, without periodic decay and death, nature cannot complete its full round of biological and social change. Without plant death, weeds would strangle the forest. Without human death, memories would never die, and unbroken habits and customs would strangle civilization. Social institutions require no less. Just as floods replenish soil and fires rejuvenate forests, a Fourth Turning clears out society’s exhausted elements and creates an opportunity.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

“Institutions will be increasingly bossy, limiting personal freedoms, chastising bad manners, and cleansing the culture. Powerful new civic organizations will make judgments about which individual rights deserve respect and which do not. Criminal justice will become swift and rough, trampling on some innocents to protect an endangered and desperate society from those feared to be guilty. Expect a loss of personal privacy. Fourth Turnings can be dark times for the free spirit: Just as one kind of official may have new authority to do something for you, another kind—some hastily deputized magistrate—may have new authority to do something to you.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

It’s been almost a year since my annual look ahead at the upcoming year. Last year’s article FOURTH TURNING DETONATION was a big picture overview of where we stood during the thirteenth year of this ongoing Fourth Turning Crisis. I had given up trying to make specific predictions because the twenty-year length of a Crisis period does not lend itself to specificity within a given year. My comment at the beginning of the article was:

“Predicting the actual events which will occur over a short-term time frame is a fool’s errand, so I prefer to try and discern the direction and amplitude of the ongoing Crisis to gauge how we should prepare for what is coming.”

The consistent drivers of this Fourth Turning are the three unequivocal factors – debt, civic decay, and global disorder. The specific events creating the daily trials and tribulations of this Fourth Turning all have their basis in one or more of these three driving factors. As we entered 2021, my big picture view was:

“The globalist elite want to keep the fear at a high level to institute their global reset, where you will own nothing and be happy, or you will be brought to heel by the truncheon.”

It is clear I nailed that one. The fear level was ramped to 11 on the volume dial. It was truly one of the worst years for liberty minded, critical thinking, self-sufficient individuals in the last eighty years. We know history does not repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Fourth Turnings always sweep away the existing social order and we are in the midst of a whirlwind of transformation with an entirely uncertain outcome that could result in reviving the founders’ idea of the Republic or mark the end of this experiment born in the blood of patriots in 1776.

The thirteenth year of this Fourth Turning saw a dramatic increase in the intensity of conflict between competing factions in this ongoing war of wokeness, disinformation and globalist machinations. It was a fantastic year for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, as they raked in billions of profits and their executives got rich as their stock prices soared. It wasn’t a great year for the tens of millions of people duped into believing their experimental concoctions disguised as vaccines would protect them from the covid flu.

The captured media mouthpieces appear to be suppressing some easily reportable data points that do not jive with their narrative of safe and effective vaccines. If the vaccines worked, how could there be more deaths after the vaccine rollout than before the rollout? The gyrations and warped rationale used by the vaxxed to explain why their vaccines do not work is a wonder to behold.

The ever-changing description of what a vaccine is supposed to do and the revisionist history regarding what was promised by mass murderer Fauci, dullard Walensky, Dementia Joe and Kackling Kamala about the vaccines stopping covid, keeping you safe from covid, and ending the pandemic is an example of a corrupt, immoral, deceitful establishment hell bent on achieving their real goal at any cost of lives or national treasure. Their real goal all along has been the implementation of the great global reset, as laid out by Schwab, Gates, Soros and their Davos cronies inhabiting the financial, corporate, media, military, and health rackets.

This has never been about health or protecting the world’s population from a highly marketed weaponized annual flu, marginally lethal to really really old people, the extremely obese and people too stupid to do research regarding cheap, safe therapeutics. It has been and continues to be about power, control and wealth. They want more and want you to have less. Joe Biden was installed as president through the use of the covid flu as a means to steal the election through mail-in ballot fraud.

He supposedly won by promising to defeat the virus through vaccines, masking, mandates, and lockdowns. He has failed miserably. More deaths after mass rollout of vaccines. The vaccines, masks and lockdowns have been complete and utter failures. Their mantra has been “trust the science”, but in reality, it has been obey our demands, disregard actual science, and believe our narrative. Or we will destroy your life.

If these supposed “vaccines” worked how could there be 440,000 deaths “with covid” in 2021 after the vaccine rollout versus 385,000 in 2020 with no vaccine and a more potent variant of the flu? According to the CDC, 62% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated (whatever that means) and this is what we’ve achieved.

Cases are currently 200% higher than they were at the January 2021 peak when virtually no one was vaxxed. The contortions being employed by the Covidian Cultists to rationalize the complete and utter failure of these Big Pharma genetic concoctions is a lesson in how mass formation psychosis intersects with a corrupt Sick Industry Complex, government bureaucrats with a Napoleon complex, and totalitarian minded politicians living out their dreams of dictatorship power.

The back peddling on the definition of a vaccine is despicable, and the Big Pharma bootlickers in the propaganda spewing corporate media not holding Fauci, Walensky, Biden, and the rest of the vaccine cheerleader sycophants accountable for their blatant lies and misinformation proves they are not journalists, but bought off peddlers of lies and false narratives. And now we have Supreme Court justices regurgitating the lies during crucial hearings about un-Constitutional vaccine mandates. We’re a nation descending into madness.

There has been no fair and balanced reporting about this pandemic of the ignorant by anyone in the corporate media, beholden to Big Pharma advertising revenue and the bottomless pot of funds (from unborn generations) dished out by the government for the never-ending fear mongering covid marketing campaign. The fear porn has been ratcheted up to obscene levels by the covid pimp Fauci and his journalistic $2 whores in the mainstream media.

What you will only find out in the alternative truth telling media is omicron 3.0 is a dud, no worse than a common cold and less lethal than the annual flu. Luckily for the ruling elite, math, common sense, and critical thinking are not strong points among the ignorant masses. They are attributing 1,600 deaths per day to covid with cases at 700,000. Last January they were attributing 3,300 deaths per day with cases at 250,000. The death rate is 85% lower than a year ago. Why don’t we hear this being reported by Tapper, Maddow, and the rest of the mainstream media toadies? Because it doesn’t fit the approved Globalist Great Reset narrative and agenda.

The pandemic of the unvaccinated tripe being peddled by the bumbling senile fool occupying the White House is patently false misinformation. While our pants shitter president and the apparatchiks pulling his strings can spread lies and mistruths on social media with abandon, truth tellers using factual data like Dr. Robert Malone, Alex Berenson, Steve Kirsch, and dozens of others are censored and banned for telling the truth and questioning the establishment approved narrative.

The unequivocal hard evidence the vaccines have injured over a million Americans and killed over 100,000 is denied by those colluding to achieve some sort of diabolical outcome with their campaign to vaccinate the world. The majority of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are among the vaxxed. The vaxxed are more likely to catch the omnicron variant than pure bloods. Because the vaccines have been such an epic failure at doing what they were advertised to do, they are now pushing boosters which have even less efficacy than the original jabs. Israel is up to a 4th booster and look how well that is working out. Cases are at an all-time high because the vaccines are working.

The most loathsome aspect of this scamdemic is the all-out assault upon children, who have a 99.999975% survival rate from covid, but have been abused by being forced into remote learning, masked eight hours per day, and now jabbed with a gene altering cocktail with no data on its long-term effects. If Big Pharma didn’t know their gene therapies would stop working within six months, how do they know the long-term impacts on their victims?

Fauci and his Big Pharma co-conspirators know children have virtually zero risk from covid. So why are they pushing these jabs so hard for those at no risk? Why is the imbecile Supreme Court justice Sotomayor stating there are 100,000 children in serious condition and on ventilators from covid when less than 3,500 children are hospitalized with covid, most with mild symptoms? The number of children killed by the vaccine already exceeds the number of children who have died with covid. Is this only about Big Pharma profits, or is there a more malevolent hidden agenda?

The question in my mind is when will this madness end? There has been much discussion about mass formation psychosis, as Dr. Robert Malone discussed during his three hours of unadulterated truth telling with Joe Rogan after he had been banned by Twitter for stating facts counter to the covid narrative peddled by the ruling elites.

What I find amazing is how so many people think this is a new concept when Charles Mackay wrote about it in his 1841 classic tome on crowd psychology Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. He documented the South Sea Company Bubble, Mississippi Company Bubble, and the Dutch Tulip Bubble. The madness of crowds is a common theme throughout history and is cyclical in nature. His description below encapsulates the covid madness which has consumed the world for the last two years.

“In reading The History of Nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities, their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.” ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Dr. Malone’s supposition is 30% of the population in the western world has become hypnotized by the narrative regarding the safety and effectiveness of experimental genetic therapies imposed and enforced by totalitarian politicians, captured science “experts”, Big Pharma goliath corporations, and fake news propaganda media.

This unholy alliance of malevolence controls the narrative to such an extent through modern technological means, they can just erase history, accuse truth tellers of thoughtcrime, and suppress anything contrary to their fear narrative designed to drive the masses mad.

Every media story must conform to the narrative or provide a caveat to the facts if they are inconvenient to the ruling class. If the truth accidentally slips through, you just edit the story and pretend the original story never existed. It is clear to any critical thinking person the vaxxes do not work as proclaimed by the highly compensated “experts” and their Big Pharma benefactors.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 
― George Orwell, 1984

Dr. Malone hypothesizes that mass formation psychosis of the population follows a general distribution, based upon studies conducted by legitimate honest scientists:

  • 30% are brainwashed, hypnotized, indoctrinated by the group narrative.
  • 40% in the middle are persuadable and may follow if no worthy alternative is perceived.
  • 30% fight against the narrative.

I have been in the 30% fighting against the narrative since day 1 and can prove it by the articles I was writing in March 2020. I smelled a rat from the beginning. It all seemed premeditated, organized, and designed from the outset, almost as if they had simulated how it would play out. Maybe that’s because Gates, Fauci, Soros, Johns Hopkins, and the corporate media conducted Event 201, a pandemic simulation, in October 2019 to figure out how to get the biggest bang for their buck from a pandemic.

The 30% Covidian Cultists who have been hypnotized and brainwashed into believing a virus with a 99.7% survival rate was the biggest threat of their lifetime and unflinchingly and unthinkingly bowed down and embraced every lie put forth by Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Biden, and the media talking heads, have been used as pawns in this Big Pharma profit orgy and the Davos Great Reset scheme. They have been driven mad by fear and are incapable of critical thought or reason. They triple mask alone in their cars after two jabs and a booster. And they are still thankful for the “vaccines” after they contract covid anyway. The lunatics are running the asylum.

These Covidian Cultists, whose lives must have been so pathetic and worthless prior to latching onto their covid identity, are so consumed by their newfound life of believing they are noble and brave by masking, locking themselves in their homes, standing six feet apart, ordering food to be delivered, getting themselves injected with an experimental Big Pharma cocktail, and believing every word uttered by their patron saint Fauci, even though he contradicts himself every other day.

The brainwashed 30% are incapable of processing any factual information which contradicts the narrative they’ve embraced with all their hearts. Their lives were so shallow, with no social connections, hidden anxiety, and deep-seated anger towards those displaying critical thinking abilities, they latched onto the covid narrative as a means to focus their superficial lives into a groupthink enterprise to defeat the evil virus.

Emotions and feelings trump thinking and facts. They attack family, friends and co-workers who have the gall to actually use real scientific data to point out the flaws and lies in the official narrative. The 30% truly awoken “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right every step of the way over the last two years. There is truly a war already going on between the willfully ignorant 30% Covidian Cultists and the 30% critical thinkers who aren’t buying the bullshit being shoveled by those who have weaponized this flu for their own demonic purposes.

We are at an extremely perilous turning point within this Fourth Turning. The crisis is coming to a head. The Covidian Cultists are being led by Fauci and Biden and have the corporate legacy media and the Silicon Valley social media censorship tyrants at Facebook, Twitter and Google manning the battle stations with their technological weapons. This is all being driven by globalist billionaires who control the global banking systems and have rigged the system so they will have it all and you will have nothing. They are now culling the herd with these “vaccines” to initiate their Great Reset agenda.

The brainwashed 30% call this a conspiracy theory, as their mass formation psychosis has made them feel as if they are part of an aspirational quest to rid the planet of the dreaded virus through any means necessary. They are the perfect dupes for the ruling elite, as their uncontested madness leads them to supporting totalitarian government politicians inflicting dictatorial mandates on the citizens and encouraging atrocities to be committed against those not in their group (the unvaxxed).

Australia, New Zealand, and numerous countries in Europe are already enforcing authoritarian measures and committing atrocities against their people using the power of the police state. Compliance and obedience are demanded by those pulling the strings, with explicit support of the indoctrinated 30%.

This madness reveals itself in the glee proclaimed by the Covidian Cultists when an unvaxxed person dies from covid, when the unvaxxed are denied entrance to dining and entertainment venues, and when those who refuse the jab are fired from their jobs. These hypnotized non-thinking masked zombies refuse to break free from their religious like beliefs even as the narrative crumbles before their very eyes.

Those in control of the crumbling narrative have been doubling down and producing bigger and bigger lies to keep the fear level at eleven. Cases at all-time highs and fear porn about children on ventilators is the latest tactic of the Faucites, even though omicron is no worse than the common cold and virtually no children are sick. The Covidian Cultists refuse to believe their worldview of sickness and death is based on a false narrative and continue to lash out at those refusing to go along with their delusional beliefs.

The 40% in the persuadable middle, through most of this pandemic, have been heavily influenced by the Bernaysian propaganda campaign launched by the government, funded by Big Pharma, the Fed, and the taxpayers, and flogged unceasingly 24 hours per day on the boob tube with commercials, news reports, and interviews with paid off false prophets disguised as medical experts. The fear campaign was hugely successful, as demonstrated by the 62% fully vaxxed rate, indicating 32% of the persuadable 40% were scared into joining the brainwashed 30%.

The strident, defiant, non-compliant 30% have unrelentingly continued to use facts and scientific data to counter the narrative and are on the verge of breaking the hypnosis of some in the brainwashed cohort and are clearly persuading many of the persuadables the vaccines don’t work, are dangerous and vaccine mandates are irrational and idiotic. This is borne out by the fact only 38% of those eligible for the boosters have chosen to get them. Many are realizing boosters are proof of vaccine failure.

The tell on whether the forces of good are winning the battle is how the forces of evil are reacting through their control of the legacy and social media platforms. Whenever you see a fact check by the mainstream media outlets and proclaimed by Twitter as proof, you know they have circled the wagons to protect their false narrative. Dr. Malone and Joe Rogan struck a raw nerve, and this was at the top of my Twitter page this morning.

The audacity of such a headline reveals the desperation of those peddling the covid narrative. The madness of crowds has been documented numerous times throughout history, in addition to Charles Mackay’s examples from centuries ago. Recent examples include the bubble, the housing bubble and now the everything bubble. The madness which encompasses Fourth Turnings usually leads to a bloody outcome.

The Roaring 20’s madness led to the Great Depression, which led civilized people to allow their leaders to sacrifice the lives of 65 million people in a war with no real purpose. The Civil War Fourth Turning saw over 600,000 men killed in four years of brutality as citizens of the same country were convinced to kill each other over state’s rights, slavery, or whatever narrative the ruling class needed to accomplish their goals.

People are driven mad by greed, anger, or fear on a regular basis, so Twitter, Reuters, and the Associated Press are once again spreading misinformation in a frantic inept attempt at discrediting the highly credible Robert Malone and Joe Rogan, who are swaying the masses back towards regaining their senses. The herd went mad over the last two years, but with truth tellers like Malone, Rogan and hundreds of other intelligent patriotic Americans, the deceit being perpetrated upon the world by evil men will be revealed and defeated.

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

In Part 2 of this article, I will attempt to anticipate how this mass formation psychosis will play out during 2022, as this Fourth Turning appears ready to ratchet up conflict to a new level.



James Quinn has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his 29 year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He is married with three boys and is writing these articles because he cares about their future. He earned a BS in accounting from Drexel University and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a certified public accountant and a certified cash manager. These articles reflect the personal views of James Quinn. They do not necessarily represent the views of his employer, and are not sponsored or endorsed by his employer.

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