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Two Pit Vipers and a Weasel Walk into a Bar…
Justin O. Smith

Senator Ron Johnson recently noted that trying to seal and secure the Southern Border with the Biden regime is like negotiating with arsonists to put out the fire they had started.

For all those patriotic Americans who still want to try to work in peaceful opposition to these Democratic Party Communists, they need to push for Congress to pass H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023. This act, which passed through the House, closes loopholes in the law and policy to make it harder for any future presidents to open our borders and cause another catastrophe such as Biden has created on our Southern Border. It imposes strict limits to asylum, builds the border wall, codifies Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and has accountability mechanisms in place to make certain the law is enforced.

I wish I still had as much faith as I used to have in the American people and the mechanisms that used to ensure the peaceful resolution of our differences and the peaceful transfer of power. But we face a far different animal today in this Marxist-Maoist movement that has practically torn the heart from the country, and while many will disagree with me, I cannot shake the nagging inkling that we’re far past the point where the press box, the ballot box or the jury box will correct America’s course.

Break open the ammo box and prepare for what’s to come. ~ J.O.S.

Just Another Betrayal of America ~ The Murder of the American Culture

America finds Herself in the clutches of some of the most evil, vile goddamned anti-American, traitorous sons of bitches most of us could never have imagined, from within both parties, as this most recent “bipartisan border deal” – released on February 4th 2024 – as exposed for all to see, once again. Treacherous men and women under Joe Biden and all throughout Congress worked tirelessly for months to push through this bill that is nothing less than a bill to codify more personnel to accelerate the processing and release of millions of more illegal aliens into the country and establish a defacto amnesty for them, with a GOP stamp of approval, as other traitors to America within the ranks of the Democratic Party move to ensure these illegal aliens can vote in the next presidential election.

Two old, vile pit vipers and a weasel, Senators Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and James Lankford, sat in the dark backrooms of some underground bar for months and emerged to deliver the worst border bill in U.S. history. They may as well have punched every American citizen square in the face, as this bill shows no regard for the desire of some seventy percent of Americans for the Biden regime to stop the flood of illegal aliens across our southern border now and see to the safety of our communities.

This morning [February 6th], in his usual arrogant, foolish manner, Joe Biden tried to blame former President Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans for causing and weaponizing the border security issue, which is precisely what Biden did from the first day he took office, by signing one executive order after the next to undo every border security act implemented by President Trump that had slowed illegal immigration to a trickle. Biden’s actions have unleashed one tidal wave of illegal aliens after another on America, for the purpose of increasing the Democratic Party’s power base and creating new districts in need of representatives, since the number of representatives for each state is determined by the census which counts all residents, including illegal aliens.

All of this serves the Democratic Party Communists’ agenda to keep power and overwhelm and minimize the power of the conservative traditionalist population of America, while disenfranchising America’s natural born citizens.

Isn’t it amazing in hindsight to recall just how well President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy worked to stop the flow of illegal aliens?

It’s maddening to hear Biden suggest that the border crisis is Trump’s making, when Biden has had the power to shut the border down on the very first day after his inauguration, especially since the Democrats held a majority in both houses of Congress; and yet, he now suggests he could act to secure the border, if only the current Congress will pass this the McConnell-Schumer-Lankford Deal which supposedly gives him “new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed”. But Biden is lying to America again, since he currently has presidential authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act [1952, Title 8 Section 12] to stop any or all entry across our borders and to detain and deport all illegal aliens, if only he would; he just doesn’t want to do so, as that would go against the plan to fundamentally transform America into a weakened country under the total control of totalitarian communists.

The hubris of this jackass some call “president”, this grand fool, is astounding, as he has done not one goddamned worthwhile thing to seal the border and stop the invasion in over three years, but now, due to a constant din and uproar in the American public against his terrible Open Border Policy, he has suddenly had a change of heart, stating on February 4th:

“If you believe, as I do, that we must secure the border now, doing nothing is not an option.”

If Trump can be impeached over a phone call to Ukraine, Biden can sure as hell be impeached over his failure to do his duty to protect and defend the U.S. and our borders, as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. Every damned rat bastard who has had a hand in this ongoing betrayal of America should be removed and banned from ever serving in any government position again, and they should be made to face charges of dereliction of duty, government malfeasance and gross negligence and an array of any other applicable charges, up to and including treason against the U.S. This current border crisis is the most egregious, unconscionable and despicable thing I have ever witnessed perpetrated by people who are supposed to be watching over and protecting America.

The bipartisan bill negotiated by Senator Lankford assigns twenty billion dollars to border security, while handing Ukraine sixty billion dollars for its military and fourteen billion in military aid to Israel. In addition, it also includes ten billion dollars in humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza and Ukraine and other populations caught in a conflict zone, $2.33 billion for Ukrainian and other refugees who are fleeing persecution around the globe, and $400 million to be paid to lawyers for these millions of illegal aliens.

It reads more like a border deal for Ukraine than for America. Oh – but it does include $650 million more for our border wall, which might result in 30 more miles of wall on the Southern Border. Still, one certainly must wonder what has happened to all the money that was already appropriated to build the entire border wall, during the Trump administration; supposedly, this wall has been completely funded, several times over, in fact.

Although I’m certain the Chamber of Commerce Republicans in the Senate will still attempt to intimidate their fellow Republicans into joining hands with the Democrats and passing this tomorrow [Wednesday February 7th], even McConnell is now somewhat backing away from it, in realization of just how badly he and others read the American people, and it probably won’t pass the Senate, as several Republicans, and a few Democrats too, have already voiced their opposition. If it does somehow pass with the support of nine RINOs to achieve a 60 vote filibuster-proof majority, they will attempt to ram it down America’s throat through the House.

Speaker Mike Johnson

Hopefully, Speaker Johnson and many others in adamant opposition to this bill will in fact stop it dead, as they have stated they would.

After reviewing the bill, Speaker Mike Johnson exclaimed:

“I’ve seen enough. This bill is even worse than we expected and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created. As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, ‘the border never closes’.”

On February 4th 2024, Senator Ted Cruz loudly objected in a tweet:

“This … is … INSANE. On Schumer’s Open-Borders Legislation, Republicans shouldn’t just vote no … but HELL NO,”

From most accounts of those who have been able to access the bill, it has become more than clear the deal isn’t even remotely structured to seal and secure the border. All the facts reveal it to be a deceptive piece of garbage, which will actually strengthen Biden’s Open Borders Policy and allow five thousand illegal aliens to cross into America every day before any expulsions are made, which amounts to 1.8 million per year. Essentially, this bill codifies Biden’s ongoing violation of the Constitution and actually compromises a future president’s ability to enforce border controls.

As noted in the bill, if Traitor Joe “finds that it is in the national interest to temporarily suspend the border emergency authority, the President may direct the Secretary to suspend use of the border emergency authority on an emergency basis.” Basically, the “border emergency” that will supposedly be called at five thousand crossings per day within a week can be overturned by Biden, at any point of his choosing for virtually any reason he can dream up, no matter how unsound it may be.

Senator Mike Lee put it straight and in proper perspective, stating:

“Biden can say anything is in the ‘national interest’ and thereby suspend the ‘border emergency authority’. Don’t pretend to be surprised when he does. Or better yet — don’t pass this hot mess!”

Yes, Senator James Lankford (R) and Senator Kyrsten Sinema lied to America when they swore that it didn’t let 1.8 million illegal aliens into the country. One can inspect the bill and see for themselves.

The bill carries a clause that mandates routing any and all litigation over the ongoing illegal alien invasion through the Federal Court in D.C., which is currently an entity that supports the Biden regime’s Open Borders and coddling, feeding and housing our country’s invaders, as it is full of Marxist-Maoist judges who are intent on empowering Biden’s dismantling and destruction of the U.S. republic. And it also allows these economic migrants/ illegal aliens to get quick asylum hearings by allowing them to present their case to the Immigration Services Department rather than actually stand before any immigration judge, essentially having the Biden administration decide who qualifies as a “refugee”.

All these illegals have already been coached by NGOs and Biden’s State Department to say the right things. “I’m afraid of being killed in my home country. – I was afraid to stay in some of the other countries I passed through – and I’m afraid to stay in Mexico”, so that they may readily qualify as “refugees” for the Biden regime screeners who are already poised to usher them on in with cash cards and transportation to anywhere in America on the taxpayers’ dime. much like the poor, scared young “migrants” who recently tried to beat two New York City cops senseless, only to be arrested and released without bail and handed a plane ticket to California by Mayor Adams, flipping “the Finger” to the news cameras as they left.

And there it is staring all America in the face. Biden’s fast-track amnesty from hell…

These illegals aren’t “scared”. They don’t really want to be a productive, contributing, law-abiding citizen in America’s society. They simply want any and everything they can get for free from our federal government and the sweat and hard work of American taxpayers.

Don’t forget. Part of this deal includes chain migration and reuniting these fine, upstanding citizens of the world with their family members, bringing in millions of more new bodies.

An ever increasing amount of civil disruption and upheaval and an exponential increase in crime is a direct result of hordes of illegal alien invaders flowing across our Southern Border, and we must do all we can to round them up and send them back across the Rio Grande immediately, rather than thrust them upon the backs of the American taxpayer as an unwanted “responsibility”, to feed, clothe and house, especially in this time when so many Americans are struggling just to take care of their own homes and families.

These illegal aliens didn’t respect U.S. law when they broke into America, and they have regularly shown and still show each and everyday, that they don’t respect any other U.S. laws or our citizens and law enforcement officers, smuggling and selling their drugs and raping and murdering our daughters whenever the mood hits them.

As noted by Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), one portion of the bill “includes an eye-popping $1.4 billion for NGOs to resettle illegal aliens in your communities via airplane tickets and hotel rooms (nearly double the record amount from FY23), including $933M available immediately without conditions.”

Up-Chucky, Chucky!

Senator Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats knew this bill was doomed from the start, but they conned the Republican “leadership” to go along with them, as Senator McConnell and Senator Lankford did their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, at a time when every major point on the border issue stood in favor of the Republican position calling for its immediate closure and the return of all illegal aliens back across the river.

Schumer has given Biden ammunition for the 2024 election. He will now say, “See. I tried, but Trump and his Republican allies stood in the way.” And McConnell and Lankford were complicit in this attack on Trump, as they have allowed a new narrative in support of this illegal alien Trojan Horse that portrays Biden as having offered a real solution, which he supposedly created, painting Trump and Speaker Johnson as the main obstacles standing in the way of compromise.

But that’s what Mitch McConnell, the champion of America Last, does best – sandbagging and sabotaging conservative, freedom-minded Republicans since 2007, depicting them somehow as the “extremists” of the Republican Party, as he himself betrays America with each new opportunity.

Lil Bitch McConnell

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) issued an illuminating tweet on the reality behind the scenes:

“Biden people admit they don’t want to secure the border. What they want is bipartisan support for a Senate bill they know is dead in the House & that he will never enforce anyways. Then he can keep the border open AND blame the House GOP for it.”

The Border Crisis won’t be solved as long as a tyrant who already violates existing U.S. law at every opportunity sits in the White House. No one in their right mind believes some new border deal is the answer. And even if a new border law might create a more secure border, Biden and his Democratic Party Communist allies will simply violate it too, at any point in the future of their choosing and whenever it serves their political agenda.

Republicans shouldn’t be trying to create any damned new border “law”. They must demand that Biden enforce existing immigration law and seal and secure the borders. And if necessary, refuse to fund the Biden regime and shut down the federal government until such time as he actually does act to seal the borders.

And then hope conservative Republicans take both houses of Congress in 2024 and they reinstate all of Trump’s border policies immediately.

Deport all illegal aliens now!

Send ’em home – or SHOOT ‘EM!

The saddest part of it all is the complicity of turncoat Republicans in this entire sordid, sorry mess. They agree with Biden and Schumer, if only for different goals. But they all think they know better than the everyday, ordinary American, who goes to work each day to provide for their families and who are an integral part of the engine that drives America. The Biden regime and its allies doesn’t care about traditional America and its culture, and they would prefer to see us lose our independence, ingenuity and individualism, as they work overtime to dumb down Americans to be just as dependent, ignorant and desperate as the current flood of illegal aliens. And they want us all to submit, sit down, silence our dissent and simply take whatever shit they throw our way, as they reduce us to poverty and serfdom.

America has a group of people in the country who consistently choose the path of evil over good. They don’t have any business being allowed within a thousand miles of the reins of power in any U.S. public office, when it is already evidenced and known that their actions only bring harm to all Americans. It’s one thing if the want to endanger themselves and their loved ones or set them up to be killed, but it’s quite another when they are trying to drag the whole nation along with them in national suicide and the murder of the American culture..

Never back down, my friends. Never let them silence you. And fight back with every means and methods at your disposal as if your future and your life and the lives of your friends and family depends on it, because it really does.




Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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