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Dissecting Stupidity
TL Davis

While the Fani Willis testimony inspired this post, it’s not the only case to be made for the fact that Americans might be too stupid today to fix anything. This is not a condemnation of the human being so much as it’s a condemnation of a federally-run public school system. One cannot rely on education to solve the problems; it takes common sense, logic and the application of both to overcome the irrational and illogical narratives that seem to create this sort of civil psychosis, the outcome of which is societal suicide. 

Fani Willis, for her part, relies on arguments that are so stupid when it comes to how she misappropriated funds and the conflicts of interest in hiring a sexual partner to investigate the political crime of being Donald Trump. It is only intelligent if intended as a tactic that by admitting criminal and unethical acts the judicial circus serves to distract from the collusion meetings she and Nate Wade held with the White House prior to filing the charges against Trump. 

But just to dissect a little bit of the stupidity of this case, the fact that it’s intended to ruin the political future of Donald Trump and little else, it exposes for all to see the absolute absurdity of the justice system that’s been left in the hands of idiots. The central question was if Fani Willis benefitted financially from the case. She paid her sexual partner three-quarters of a million dollars, more than three times what she paid any other investigator (per hour), took several expensive vacations with him and believes that reimbursing him in cash is a justifiable response to how she did not financially benefit from the overpayment to Wade. The trouble is, if she did actually repay him to avoid that accusation, she would have demanded receipts for that cash. If not in every case at least half or three-quarters of them. No one else would get a pass on simply claiming that reimbursement was done in cash. I didn’t listen to it all, but half of the legal stupidity was on the charging side of the case. I never heard the opposing counsel ask where that cash payment was deposited into Wade’s account, but I did hear him claim that he would not keep that much cash in his possession for fear of robbery. There were many other instances, such as admitting that she used campaign funds for all sorts of other purchases and didn’t segregate the money from her personal cash.

Renewable energy and electric vehicles is another fallacy that is just logically debunked. Now that a great deal of owners of electric vehicles are now selling them at a significant loss substantiates the stupidity of buying it. Something that would have been avoided by anyone who put a moment’s thought to it. First and foremost, electric vehicles charged and powered by coal and natural gas plants removes any “green” benefit from them at the outset. If one were to use renewable energy, wind and solar, they would not be able to charge them sufficiently and efficiently enough to make it viable, since these forms of power are only available around 13% of the time. Dave Walsh has studied this extensively and is a great source for debunking the “renewable” narrative. Unfortunately, for those who are not a fan of Steve Bannon, Dave is hard to get on any other platform, but listen to what he says in this clip and you’ll understand the stupidity of renewables and why your local utilities love it. Hint, it has little or nothing to do with CO2, but more accurately they choose to swim in the narrative pool and get paid to do so. 

Last is the border. When the border patrol is acting as a concierge service for illegals instead of following the law to detain and deport, the level of stupidity signals something deeper. Just like using electricity over every other form of power, without the ability to generate it signals a deeper objective, the DOJ suing Texas to remove wire barriers does the same. What is the real objective? Obviously, that objective is to flood the nation with cheap labor and being willing and even facilitating the influx of drugs, criminals and human trafficking to get it. Almost all corruption is presented as stupidity, that’s why I focus on stupidity, because where it’s found there is also corruption and the bigger the corruption, the larger the involvement of the government. The DOJ, under Biden, continues to sue everyone who is actually following the law, because they want to make themselves the law. Typically, when the government wants to encourage something, they reduce the regulations on it. When they want to discourage something they tax it. That isn’t exactly their proper role, but it’s the way it’s usually done. When communist tactics are involved, it always goes to the courts, where they can intimidate or bribe the fewest individuals to get a favorable ruling that affects the greatest number of citizens. When it comes to the border, everything the federal government does is stupid. When it comes to illegals, it gets worse. The ATF waives background checks for illegals to buy guns. The TSA waves them through at airports without identification. These people are breaking the law. They are criminals and those just acting on orders, are criminals. Border agents are criminals. When the national security is being violated, it is a crime by anyone who facilitates it. We will all pay for this eventually and those cops in New York already have. Two of the assailants were members of an El Salvadoran gang run out of El Salvador by the new president who understands what he’s up against and what to do about it. 

It’s clear to me, and I hope everyone else, that these things cannot be fixed at a ballot box. Trump won’t stop it, because he’ll get sued at every turn. The Justice Department is full of criminals, so where does one obtain justice? The entire federal government apparatus is full of criminals covering for other criminals. All governments are inherently criminal, that’s why freedom exists only where government is contained. Just like the broader community, you can’t tolerate criminality and achieve freedom. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to respond to criminal behavior by imprisoning themselves, i.e., gated communities. The answer is to eliminate criminal behavior and when the people themselves are the only ones who are interested in the safety and security of their homes and possessions, vigilantism abounds. That’s how this all ultimately comes apart. There are numerous ways to obtain justice without vigilantism, but those charged with enforcing the laws have to act in accordance with their oaths and in the interest of the people, when they act in interest of the government, they become criminals. 

I would prefer nothing more than a peaceful and orderly rejection of criminality for the good of peace and freedom, but as ridiculous as that sounds to propose, it is as ridiculous as it is to implement. Whole structures have to be torn down and rebuilt in order to achieve that and that’s something that’s outside the realm of possibility in modern American politics. Not so in El Salvador. Even if there were a separation of states, the fight would have to be fought in each individual state and that would be a long and arduous campaign. We are in a period of extreme corruption and therefore a period of extreme stupidity. A fanatical devotion to securing one’s own peace and freedom is the only way to overcome its systematic destruction. 

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