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Never More…
Charles R. Dickens

The refrain from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven” suggests an alluring title for curious reasons; it encapsulates sentiments I’ve held for a very long time and leads in some fascinating directions.

In Poe’s poem ‘The Raven,’ the Raven symbolizes a mournful, never-ending remembrance and sorrow for his lost, perfect maiden, Lenore, who is the driving force behind his conversation with the Raven.

* If you’re interested, you can find the poem on the interweb; perhaps you have the book.

The maiden Lenore, in my case, is the republic as I learned it, and my sweet remembrances of the lovely maiden it was. Maiden, in this case, refers to a female virgin – someone not sullied, soiled, or tarnished.

Get the picture? 

My feelings and suspicions are regularly reinforced by the mayhem inflicted by China-Joey’s administration; nearly every step they take and every useless word they utter is dutifully reinforced by their demimondaines, the Corporate Media.

From the moment our republic blossomed from the founders’ pens, it became a target, a ripe fruit for plucking, and pluck it they did: you have my permission to replace the pl with ‘F.’

The corruption of America is the point of my commentary.

The refrain – Never More – serves as punctuation and a reminder of the sentiment.

I will no longer trust this republic to these carpetbaggers and charlatans (politicians), and I will do everything sanctioned by our Constitution and in my power to reclaim citizens’ control.

I believe the besmirchment of the republic began in the early 1950s as we transitioned from a unified post-war power to neo-socialism through the 1960s and into blended Marxism at the turn of the century. The destructive metastasis was complete in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama. His elevation to the ‘seat of power’ was the culmination of the Socialist’ dream. America was firmly on the path to becoming a Socialist-Marxist nation; I call it the Nationalist American Socialist Party (NASP)

Nazi Germany was the National Socialist Workers Party, a fascist organization that I believe sets the tone and tempo for the NASP. Is America on the path to Fascism? The parallels are apparent, and the directions follow a frighteningly similar track.

Recall that Obama committed to ‘fundamentally change America.’ Adolph Hitler promised the same for Nazi Germany.

Is Obama another Hitler?

* Interestingly, the NASP has no issue assigning or connecting that moniker to Mr. Trump’s MAGA movement.

Is wanting to Make America Great Again dangerous, damaging, and deleterious?

The indoctrination of our future leaders began in the elitist Ivy League and state-sponsored temples of miseducation. These socialist indoctrination camps planted the treacherous seeds of descent that spread quickly throughout the country.

Their sedition followed the simple rule of lies.

You’re not as free as the person next to you.

They get more because they’re different and better than you.

You are not like them, so you’re not as good as they are.

Some people have ALL the money – that’s not fair – they should share it with you… that’s equity.

Capitalism is racist and elitist. It must be abolished.

It’s all about endemic white supremacy.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) is the only way to fix America.

Here’s an often-neglected fact…

To give you ANYTHING, they must take it from SOMEONE else first

~ Congressional Representation ~

I stumbled into this a few days ago… I’ve been considering the implications of these geographically disenfranchised alien invaders, encouraged by the Nationalist American Socialist Party (NASP). It’s an integral facet of their plot to take over America from within.

I overheard a comment made in Congress – the opposite of progress, that their purpose was to pack blue states, those sympathetic to the NASP, with enough people to increase the numbers of NASP-leaning politicians in the House of Representatives (HoR). (OR – WHORE ~ Editor)

HoRs are a function of the number of people in their respective states – note that the census is based on headcount, not the number of citizens. This fact is crucial to the NASP’s end-game. So, more people – not citizens – means more representative power that the state has – and if the misrepresentation leans toward the NASP doctrine – all the better…

It won’t hurt their efforts if they grant citizenship to the estimated 20 Million illegal aliens already living in America.

That’s the goal!

Incidentally and coincidentally, these Blue States (BS) are also sanctuary states – funny how that happens…

The summary – The more ‘people’ in each state, the more HoRs represent them. The more NASP-leaning HoRs ensure that any law they raise on the HoR floor will pass in their favor.

‘Never More’

~ The Dobbs Decision of 2022 ~

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a decision that returned control of abortion rights to the state level. It did NOT abolish abortion; it refers that decision to the states where it belongs.

However, the Corporate Media fabricated the narrative – LIE – that reinforces the divide of the republic along Liberal and Conservative lines. The issue is no longer about taking lives; it has become the right of a woman to manage her health. There are moral implications involved here, and indeed, the life of the mother is a decision best left to the attending physician, the family, and the woman, not the court of public opinion. But, here, they use an extremely personal decision made by the parties involved as a plank in a transformational political platform.


* Abortions in 2020: 77,500 per month – 930,000 annually

* Abortions in 2023: 87,800 per month – 1,053,600 annually

Murder is not a constitutionally based right. If you’ll recall, our Constitution guarantees the right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Please point to the word that assures abortion as a right.

Granted, there is a constitutional right to freedom of choice, but the argument can be made that our constitution is based on Judeo-Christian values; therefore, murder is fundamentally wrong.

I am pro-choice. Your choice should consider all parties involved, including your relationship with your higher power, if you have one. If you are that power, let your conscience be your guide; remember, you own the decision.

Obviously, the number of abortions indicates an ultra-liberal approach to conscience.

Never More!

~ Our Gubmint… ~

Our Gubmint has taken fanatical license with our constitution to provide pseudo-warranties to justify their actions. We wage war on everything from addiction to xenophobia. But let me remind you that everything, yes everything, our gubmint, especially the NASP, touches… FAILS! Take a moment to search your recollections about the successful government programs. Has any single program advanced our republic, or have they all been abject failures?

Here are a few souvenirs:

· The US/Mexico border
· Energy Independence
· The Green New Deal
· Climate Change
· Sanctuary States/Cities
· The war on poverty
· Welfare
· Obama Care
· The Afghan Withdrawal
· Pearl Harbor
· September 11th, 2001
· Regulations – on almost everything

I could go on, but I think my point is clear.

We are quickly advancing to the rear…

I’ll introduce my favorite illustrative expression used by our Gubmint: The Ends Justify the Means.”

The original quote, “The Outcome Justifies the Deed,” is a proverbial chide cautioning against cavalier rationalization. Still, world politicians, mainly Americans, use it to rationalize their decisions and actions, ignoring the intended warning.

Never More’…

Border, we don’t need no stinking border                     

“Joo kno – We ar Federales…”

Please see the paragraph above – Congressional Representation – for my best guess about why US borders are no longer viable.

I’m amused that China-Joey could wipe out four years of Trumps’ work with a few strokes of the pen on 94 Executive orders, effectively negating Constitutional laws, breaking his oath of office, and allowing an estimated 22 Million invaders into America, unvetted, untested, and unsupervised, according to a Yale University study.

* China-Joey thought that EO (Executive Order) stood for Exceptionally Original.

His latest claim is that he doesn’t have the power to seal our borders and blames Congress for the problem. He also needs $3.5 Billion to hire more CBP agents to process the ever-increasing number of invaders, representing 109 countries, primarily military-aged young men seeking work.

Our Southern border is “Controlled and Secure.”

We give these invaders $1 Billion in money cards, cell phones, accommodations, food, transportation to anywhere in this country, medical assistance, education, work permits, and freedom – for breaking our laws. Following this to its illogical conclusion, the catch-and-release and no-cash bail laws in sanctuary cities create mayhem and crime waves.

Our reward for harboring these criminals is a flagrant middle finger.

The obviation of our laws sets a dangerous and reckless example for the citizenry as they watch our Gubmint flaunt their disregard for the law by condoning lawless behavior in every sector of the country. We can’t even deport the convicted felons – 150 NASP HORS voted against the bill.

The NASP lives in a well-protected fantasy world where these crimes are only stories reported by their concubines, Corporate Media. These misrepresentatives never experience or feel the complications their policies impose on the country.

The NASP has the temerity to blame Conservative America for NASP policies. The NASP faults MAGA Republicans for delaying their useless legislation that will only exacerbate the problems and contribute to the national debt.

I wonder how many of these geographically disenfranchised invaders are terrorist plants awaiting word for their next Jihad or Intifada on our soil. One invader remarked, “Soon you will know my name…” The recent assortment was from Middle Eastern countries, China, and Russian provinces…

“Soon you will know my name…”

That’s a pretty big coincidence…

I’m confident some are simply looking for a better life, but what’s that percentage?

You see, The Outcome Justifies the Deed.’

This ‘blame-game’ is all theater and comic in the Greek sense, meaning a tragedy being inflicted on unaware citizens who bear the brunt of China-Joey’s NASP conceived idiocy.

1. According to a recent study by Yale University, 22 Million illegal aliens are living in the United States.

2. Democrats plan to give all of them citizenship.

3. Studies show that an overwhelming majority of first-time voters vote Democrat.

4. The biggest landslide in American History was only 17 Million votes.

5. The payoff for Democrats is a permanent electoral majority.

Do the math…

The real problem is that the damage is already done; it’s irreversible and irrevocable. There is no precise accounting of the numbers or location of the invaders. How will we ferret them out?


Who can we charge with this responsibility?

And once identified… what do we do with them?

Never More!




Charles R. Dickens was born in 1951, is a veteran of the Vietnam war, for which he volunteered, and the great-great grandson of the noted author, whose name he shares.

He is a fiercely proud American, who still believes this is the greatest country on the planet, with which we’ve lost control and certainly our direction. He grew up in moderate financial surrounding; we’re not rich by any stretch, but didn’t go hungry – his incredibly hard working father saw to that. As most from that era, he learned about life from his father, whose story would take too long to tell, other than to say that, he is also a fiercely proud American; a WWII and Korean war, veteran Marine.

Charlie was educated in the parochial system which, demanded that you actually learn something, and have capability to retain it before you advance. He attended several universities in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, and chased the goose further to a master’s, and has retained some very definite ideas about education in this country.

In addition, Charlie is a retired blues guitar and vocalist – a musician. This was his therapy career. Nothing brings him as much joy as playing music, and he wishes that he could make a living at it – but alas… life goes on!


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