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The Gross Misdiagnosis of the So-Called Border Problem
Gary D. Barnett

“How does one hate a country, or love one? […] What is the sense of giving a boundary […] of giving a name and ceasing to love where the name ceases to apply?”

~ Ursula K. Le Guin

One of the most major distractions, one of many I might add, is this extremely divisive and contentious border issue, that has been intentionally manufactured and perpetrated by this criminal State for very nefarious reasons. The heinous agendas sought by the powerful and political are being allowed to stand, because most all in this country are being guided by lies and propaganda, and are easily led to believe that fear and hate of other peoples, of one evil party as opposed to the other evil party, of one country against another country, of each individual against the other, and of detestation for each ethnicity, culture, or race different from your own, is the proper position to take. This is a classic divide and conquer scenario, and has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker, by the bulk of this fully dumbed-down indoctrinated population.

This is not a border problem, this is a purposeful government-created campaign of tyranny and terror, meant only to cause mass contempt at a national level. The more hate evident, the easier it is to control large numbers of people, and the more who buy into this fraud, the better it is for the State and the globalists in their efforts to breed mass condemnation of all against all; to foment and create a majority malevolence among an entire ‘nation’ of easily-manipulated sheep.

Fear is the most powerful weapon of the State, and those who control and run the United States, are the most prolific experts in the ‘art’ of deception, lies, propaganda, and fear-mongering on earth. This has been evident since the beginning, and fooling the people into believing that they are under constant threat, has been the linchpin of all efforts to gain and retain power and control over the proletariat herd. It is no different concerning this fraudulent border ‘crisis,’ and the gross misdiagnosis of this plotted risk, and where the blame should lie. Intentional acts of terror by the State cannot be viewed as a threat from outside, but must be understood to be inside, deliberate, and intended to harm, in order to cause a particular reaction by those adversely impacted. This is a perfect example of the  Hegelian  dialectic, or the purposeful creation of a problem-reaction-solution methodology.

One look at the completely corrupt and controlled mainstream media, and in the case of the so-called border issue, much if not most of the alternative media as well, are complicit in the misinformation-spreading concerning real immigration, as opposed to the plotted migration conspiracy that is the real problem. Most all concentration of the political realm and media, is focused on the idea of a foreign invasion that needs a government solution, when that is not only laughable, but asinine on its face. This is insanity. This government intentionally created this mess, vastly expanded the scope of it, staged the foreign exodus, negotiates and manages the entirety of the movement to the border, uses the criminal border patrol to facilitate entry, chooses exactly who to bring in, pays them with cash, medical care, ‘free’ housing, debit cards, transportation to select areas, fast ‘citizenship’ through military recruitment, and much more. This is a government coup, and not any natural or foreign invasion.

The big picture is forgotten or completely unknown to most all of this population, as the masses have fully accepted the State’s narrative, and have fallen in line and bought into  exactly what this government designed; that is to cause great fear, extreme hatred, reliance on evil politics, and to demand false ‘solutions’ meant only to destroy all freedom. Many of the plebs, if not most, are screaming for a wall to be built, and those like the vile Trump use this only in an attempt to gain power through fear. Building a wall does not keep anyone out so long as government desires to bring them into this country, but could easily serve to imprison all Americans behind the same walls. Consider Germany, China, Gaza, and many other examples, which only indicate that government walls are meant only to incarcerate, not block entry.

This government is purposely setting up, allowing, facilitating, seducing hordes of fighting age male individuals, supporting them, and ordering this mass immigration; actually willingly and deliberately opening the doors and escorting millions into the U.S. Asking this same evil and corrupt government to rectify the problem it purposely created, begging them to wall you inside a concentration camp, is totally insane, and exposes not only the naivete of most Americans, but the absolute stupidity rampant among the masses today. This is not even hidden, it is happening out in the open, in clear sight of all, and without regard for secrecy or concealment.

Most all this migration propaganda is attempting to hide the big picture and the plotted underbelly of this false flag operation, which is to cause radical and designed chaos. This plot is working, and therefore the big picture is being ignored. The problem has been intentional, the reaction by the people has been exactly as expected by government, and the serf’s desired solution if attained, will cage them in a large concentration camp.

This is not any natural immigration ‘invasion,’ it is not a planned attack by the Middle East, Iran, Russia, or China, it is an attack against all of you by what you (not me) call ‘your own government,’ or ‘your own country.’ To allow this government to continue to guide and mold you, to demand compliance, to cage you inside these borders, can only serve to ‘justify’ lockdowns, economic takeover, controlled currency, and a total chaotic and controlled existence. Concentrating on who is coming in, and h



Gary Barnett is a retired financial advisor and estate planner, and managed money for clients in his business for over thirty years. He also owned two other businesses during his life, and had a wild ride at times.

Gary has been writing about a full range of topics concerning freedom and liberty for many years, and has written for, The Future of Freedom Foundation, and several other publications over that time. He considers it a great passion in life to learn and continue to educate himself, and to promote and spread the ideas of liberty to all who are willing to listen. Freedom does not happen due to politics or constitutions, it can only exist in the minds of individuals.

Gary has appeared as a guest on several Internet and national radio shows, including Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Brian Wilson Show, Antiwar Radio, the Karen Kwiatkowski Radio Show, Liberty News Radio, and Radio Liberty.

He currently lives in Lewistown, Montana, with his wonderful wife Yoshie and son Leo.  He loves the outdoors, cooking and fine food, dogs, beaches, music, fly fishing, and exotic travel. More hobbies anyone?

As far as his philosophy is concerned, he is a peaceful anarchist believing in natural law without restriction by the state. While Gary understands the skepticism of most concerning the implementation of this type of individual political structure, it is the only system where liberty can be fully achieved. Peaceful anarchy is based on individual responsibility, self-reliance, voluntary exchange in free markets, non-aggression, and individual freedom; all necessary to achieve peace and harmony. Collectivism, central government, and war are not, and never will be the answer.

Writing is Gary’s passion, and now that he is retired, he can concentrate on that endeavor full time. Writing from a warm beach would be most preferable, but living in Montana does not allow for that luxury. He can however, put on his shorts and flip flops while sitting in front of his computer during the blizzards and brutal cold of Montana winters, and dream.

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