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U.S. Border Invasion: DHS & DOJ are Key Suspects.
Both tied to CCP Infiltration.
Jason Powers

Alejandro Mayorkas & Vanita Gupta are connected to the border problems

The most pernicious crimes are committed by insiders to the system or entity. Generally though, these insiders first are underlings and then become top officials or corporate officers. The examples here are: Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas who operated in the Obama administration at DOJ before going to DHS in 2013-16; and Vanita Gupta, who was employed at the DOJ under Obama from 2014-2017. Each have their individual part in the border invasion rising to 300,000/month and the opioid crisis that is now killing 80,000 Americans per year according to the CDC in 2021.

DHS Mayorkas

Mayorkas’s Obama administration bio:

Mayorkas was a member of the presidential transition team for Barack Obama before he assumed office in January 2009, where he led the team responsible for the U.S. Department of Justice's Criminal Division.[3]Mayorkas was appointed by President Obama as the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).[4] On May 20, 2009, the nomination was received by the Senate; on August 7, 2009, the nomination was confirmed by the Senate by voice vote.[5] As USCIS director, Mayorkas led United States citizenship through management efficiencies and fiscal responsibility, and safeguarded the integrity of the immigration system.[6]

In 2013, Mayorkas moved to DHS as Deputy Secretary until late in the Obama administration.

Mayorkas, who is Jewish, was a board member at HIAS (HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY) until late November 2020. According to HIAS on his departure:

“We at HIAS have been so blessed to have Ali Mayorkas on our board of directors, and are thrilled to have him nominated to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security,” said HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield.”

HIAS, since the Mayorkas departure, has received substantial grants from the U.S. government, topping $100,000,000 in Fiscal Year 2023

More importantly, the HIAS facilities in Panama are very close by Chinese staging areas for mass illegal migration treks.

As Heinrich Palmgren noted in tweet with pictures:

HIAS have a dedicated building overseeing the operation and apparently they are using Chinese contractors to build up the "processing center" in the Darién Gap [Panama] and they are building bridges and roads along the way in order to maximize the amount of illegal migrants that are pouring into the United States.

The CCP, under Xi Jinping, acquired substantial trade and partnership agreements tied to Panama and the key shipping choke point: the Panama Canal. This happened due to the United States ceding its control of the canal in the 1999 from a Carter administration deal made (with Senate approval.) This was a profound strategic blunder. And the CCP noted it, and took advantage.

In a Foreign Policy article from 2019, Mat Youkee wrote:

Xi’s designs on Panama are clear. In the nearly two years since the establishment of relations, China and Panama have signed over 30 bilateral agreements. In December 2018, Xi Jinping became the first Chinese premier to visit Panama, accompanied by an entourage of executives from dozens of companies in the country’s construction, telecommunications, and financial sectors. At the accompanying trade show in Panama City’s Atlapa Convention Center, outgoing president Varela was shown around stands representing firms including Huawei and China Railway Design Corporation—hawking a new $4 billion high-speed railway project for the country.

The funding of the U.S. invasion by Chinese males comes through HIAS, Incand others. But this is just one part of the destruction. (Here is HIAS, Inc.'s 2022 990_PD Tax Report.)

From a forthcoming title, Operation Virus:

Current AG Vanita Gupta, 3rd highest ranking person at the DOJ[i], is interesting due to her father’s dealings with Avantor, Inc. Rajiv L. Gupta was a significant shareholder and director at Avantor, Inc.[ii],[iii]

Avantor, as Bloomberg noted, is responsible for “[a] $324 jug of acetic anhydride, made in Mexico by a publicly traded American company, is enough to produce 90,000 hits of high-grade ‘China white.’ The cartels are getting as much as they want, and also using it to cook meth.”[iv]

As Bloomberg continued on, the story gets more telling:

“During the decade-long U.S. heroin epidemic, Avantor has cultivated a remarkable line of business: selling acetic anhydride across Mexico in containers that are big enough to make lucrative quantities of illegal narcotics but small enough to load into the trunk of a car. Sales come via a network of distributors, online sellers, and stores spread across the country.

Without the right chemicals, it’s impossible for cartels to make two drugs that are plaguing America: heroin and methamphetamine. Avantor is one of a handful of U.S. companies that supply the legal market for those chemicals in Mexico—a market the cartels have had little trouble tapping to make narcotics on a massive scale, a Bloomberg Businessweek investigation has found.”[v],[vi]

Vanita, of course, cared very much about the American people. While working for the ACLU in their racial justice program, she obtained settlements for immigrant children detained at a Texas prison, according to the ACLU website.[vii],[viii] Her father’s company though has the advantage of working outside of the U.S. as the Bloomberg reporters locked on to the key method of keeping the drugs flowing while pretending to care about people’s lives:

“Easy access to drug-making chemicals for narcos in Mexico appears to be facilitated, in part, by a lack of outside oversight. International and U.S. drug laws regulate the trade worldwide, but their reach often ends at the Mexican border for local subsidiaries of American companies. International narcotics authorities can interdict sales between nations, but not within them. In the U.S. the companies operate under tough U.S. drug laws, which charge them with ensuring their chemicals aren’t being diverted to make narcotics. If they fail, the U.S. Department of Justice has broad authority to shut down their American operations or charge them criminally. But that oversight doesn’t apply when the companies make and sell those chemicals inside Mexico rather than shipping them there from the U.S.”[ix],[x]

In 2019, prior to a public offering by owners New Mountain Capital and Goldman Sachs, a former executive noted increased sales in Mexico were eagerly sought to juice up Avantor.[xi]

In short, Mayorkas and Gupta are financially connected to the Biden administration’s border policy. This too is indicative of a purposeful intent to destroy the United States population by invasion and drugs.[xii] Gupta also oversees the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission and “chairs the Justice Department’s Reproductive Rights and Opioid Epidemic Civil Litigation Task Forces.[xiii]

Gupta Involvement in 2020 Elections

Vanita Gupta was involved in election “fortification” according to Molly Ball’s Time piece published just one month after January 6th. Gupta was invited to a November 2019 discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. This once again proves coordinating efforts between tech and their government-tied personnel.
















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