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Reject the Authority of the Corrupt
TL Davis

A thirty-thousand-foot view of the world is one of chaos caused largely by a few billionaires devoting their fortunes, mostly gained by taxpayer-funded boondoggles, who now use those government grants and contracts to feed an increasingly insane group of politicians and NGOs willing to abandon all restraints in pursuit of global governance. The caveat that propels them is that they have purchased their way onto the boards of these international organizations and shamelessly promote the destruction of freedom and individuality that would restrict their goals. Despite this obvious conflict of interest and outright corruption, they seem invisible within the power structure as if all of the world’s conflicts and upheavals are naturally-occurring instead of intentionally-inflicted. 

Our world is being reorganized by those few billionaires and their political cronies; the 1% of the 1%. It’s being reorganized to make their hegemony permanent. This is one reason Russia and China are no longer on-board. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll support the reduction of carbon while it decimates American and European industry. They will support electric vehicles as long as they sell the batteries, or produce the cars, but they’ll power their electric grid with coal, natural gas and nuclear. So the globalists can count on them to help support and sponsor things that kill the West, but when it comes down to subjecting themselves to the same rules, that will never happen. The collective West are fools for allowing it to happen to them, and bigger fools for doing it to themselves.

The interview Tucker Carlson had with Vladimir Putin made that absolutely clear, at least to me. He described a West that was on a decidedly declining trajectory while China and Russia were more closely aligned and benefitting greatly from their close association. They are ascendant and the West is in decline. Putin’s description of that came from Russia leaning toward Europe and America, but being rebuffed from trade and security agreements. The West confronted him in Ukraine, first in 2014 and later after Zelensky was elected. All of this orchestrated by the globalist elite as punishment for withdrawing from their plan. 

The West is in decline, because the real power is in the hands of these few billionaires who buy DAs and presidents and prime ministers. That’s clearly evident from the focus of the West being placed on the .04% of the atmosphere containing carbon dioxide. The ridiculous and largely debunked threat of carbon dioxide has taken over industry, agriculture, government, education and medicine. It’s a weight on the backs of all economic models, dragging profits to the barest minimum and taxes to the highest peaks. That’s great for global control of the population, but does nothing for freedom or individual rights, without which, America is just some backward second-tier nation on the way to becoming a few interesting places to visit on vacation from the nations that have profited from rejecting the globalist vision. 

Until we get our own society in order, find some way to get leaders who will support America, defend its borders and protect its economy from insane proposals of the WEF, WHO and the UN, we can expect to follow the game plan of the globalists and be overcome by our enemies.

The only way to avoid that is to look on our states as individual entities, reject federal mandates and policies that hurt our industries or force compliance with some international organization. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that allows for the government to subject the people of any state to the laws and courts of an international organization and it doesn’t matter what treaty some senators sign. A treaty cannot give the sovereignty of any state to a foreign power. That it has already done so in the case of the UN who fuels the open border and provides funds (that they got from US taxpayers) to these invaders shows you that the United States Constitution is not in effect. 

I’m fine with that, but if the government is not going to be restricted by the constitution, neither should I, neither should my state. They can’t be allowed to ignore the constitution when it comes to borders and the Tenth Amendment and enforce it when it comes to the 14th and 16th Amendments. That it does this so openly and even with a bit of vengeance is not a sustainable condition. We, the people, have to enforce the constitution, or ignore it ourselves. We don’t have to abide by the constitution when we govern our states and allow those to ignore it when our states are in danger. This is the statement being made by Texas, today. That it does so clumsily and with lack of conviction is part of the maturation process. One must get beaten a few times before they understand the purpose of the whip. Righteous rebellion comes much later and sometimes it means one must leave the confines of an abusive master to get it right; to reject the authority of the master.

In my mind, we’re already there. We have already suffered the whip enough to rebel. Our economy is struggling with the weight of bad ideas, ideas designed to burden industry, suppress employment, drive us to energy sources that are ineffective and inefficient. We counted on our family (our states) to defend us from these bad ideas, these stupid rationalizations and they didn’t. They got caught up in the loot, the payoffs, the make-believe “better, cleaner ideas.” They must now be rehabilitated or rejected. 

The communists among us don’t care how bad the economy is or who is hurt by forced migration of itinerant criminals. They don’t care how corrupt our system is or whether truth prevails. The contradictions and two-tiered justice system have been implemented by them, they will not correct it. That can only now be done state by state, perhaps groups of states. It begins by the alliance of 27 or so governors supporting Texas, but Texas has to stand strong, to deserve their support. The international cabal has seized control of our federal government, so the federal government is as foreign of a power as the international cabal itself.






A novelist, screenwriter and film producer writes about politics and American culture.

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