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The Question Even I Haven't Dared To Ask
Tom Woods

If you can forgive a little crudeness, dear reader, I’d like to summarize in a few words what the Covid fiasco made me fully come to terms with over the past few years:

The amount of b.s. in the world is truly off the charts.

You and I are accused of “misinformation” by people who couldn’t stop lying if their lives depended on it.

The “public health” establishment was so far from the truth over the past few years that the general public, according to polling data, succumbed to irrational fears that bore no resemblance to reality.

How many wars, just in the past century alone, were based on lies so transparent they would insult a fourth grader?

The “climate change” hysteria is in a class of its own. When William Nordhaus, an economist who has published widely on the issue, was awarded the Nobel Prize, not one major figure — including Nordhaus himself — bothered to point out that according to his own research, the world would suffer less damage if it did nothing at all to fight climate change than if it tried to reach the ballyhooed goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

For that matter, thousands upon thousands of people have made careers for themselves that involve spreading preposterous economic theories. The world’s governments and central banks base their policymaking on ludicrous and inane economic premises — premises which, by what I am sure is entirely a coincidence, just happen to enrich the ruling classes and the constituencies that keep them entrenched.

So I think you and I can be forgiven for becoming skeptical of orthodoxies, and willing to give dissident voices a fair hearing.

And now we reach our subject for today.

For the past few years we’ve heard certain scientists speak out against lockdowns, masks, and even the Covid shots.

But other dissident scientists have gone much farther than this. They argue against virology itself, which they describe as a pseudoscience resting on a series of unproven assumptions, and against which no dissident voices are allowed to be heard or receive research money.

I can already hear the objection: I don’t have the scientific background necessary to evaluate these arguments.

And that’s true.

But you know what I do have? Curiosity.

I have another thing, too: zero patience for being told what I can and cannot investigate, and whom I can and cannot talk to.

So I went ahead and interviewed Dr. Mark Bailey, a representative of this position, on the Tom Woods Show. Naturally I withheld this episode from YouTube, where dissident perspectives are not allowed to be heard. But you can hear our conversation here, and I hope you’ll give it a shot:

One more Covid-related item:

In the fall of 2020 I opened my own home to my podcast supporters and held a very nice party at a time when people in many states were barely allowed to socialize at all. Enough was enough, I decided, so I ordered a huge amount of food and drink and told everyone: come on over.

A ton of people did, from all over America.

Awaiting them at the door, next to the name tags, was a sign we’d put up that said, “Welcome to the Old Normal.”

That event was such a success that I decided to throw such a party twice a year. I’ve brought special guest speakers, I’ve brought magician Doc Dixon (whose magic even Penn and Teller couldn’t figure out), and I’ve served a darn good dinner to 100+ people each time.

I’m having another one at the end of April. (I live in central Florida, by the way.) You will meet lots of good, smart, like-minded folks, if you choose to attend.

Only catch (because the party does cost me thousands of smackers, after all): it’s for supporters of the Tom Woods Show only.

Want to be one? Here’s how, and here are all the other goodies you get, too:




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