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T.L. Davis

In the wider understanding, the Ukraine conflict is a global crisis through which a final revelation has been made. No nation, no matter how powerful, how strong or how seemingly vibrant, that engages, elects, supports and tolerates those dedicated to its destruction, can long survive. The United States, as I have warned many times, is not America. There’s a reason it’s called the United States OF America, because America is independent of the political construct of fifty independent, sovereign states that form a coalition called the United States, but were that political entity to cease to exist, this would still be America and the people will still be Americans. 

The reason I bring this up now, is that the political construct of the United States is likely to go the way of Rhodesia or Burma, the previous names of the familiar nations of Zimbabwe and Myanmar. Ukraine seems to be the catalyst for the cataclysmic future of the United States. We are now exposing to the world the absolute weakness of the United States military, not just the woke fighting forces, but the inability of the manufacturing and supply chains needed to support them.

While I’ve known this, watched it, kept tabs on what’s happening in our military, how it has been depleted, distracted and now lacks the ability to recruit, especially after having discharged or nullified enlistments over the jab. It’s an existential concern, something that goes above politics, beyond elections and corruption. The inability to defend the nation, or even support another nation as a proxy for our own interests, is a warning sign to the people of America. Exposing that weakness to all of our enemies through a proxy war is nearly as incompetent as I’ve ever seen. It is either incompetence among the General Staff or intentionally subversive. 

The seeming desperation of the Russian military in using old and outdated equipment may, in fact, be nothing other than a means of ridding themselves of previous generations of armaments, giving them time and resources to rebuild and improve their entire arsenal, redirecting resources and manpower from storage to production. 

One of the most impressive reports on the true status and condition of the Russian arsenal, along with the mindset of the Russian military commanders, at least concerning tanks, was done by Big Country Expat. It’s worth a read and serious consideration, especially since the United States recently pledged to ship 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. THIRTY-ONE, and that’s not the end of the depressing and telling story, here’s the disturbing part in this: they can’t even do that immediately, because their stores are depleted. Anyone in the upper commands should not be talking about war with Russia while counting their tanks on their fingers. As Big Country points out, the Russians count their tanks by acre. 

At the end of almost every empire has been the corruption of the system that brought it to power and fueled the great successes it had while strong, culturally homogenous and patriotic. Typically, this death-era is marked by having corrupt and/or insane rulers in place, debts and financial obligations far exceeding national production, spiritual crises, infiltration and rising external powers to challenge them.

Right now, I’m going about my daily business with this feeling in my gut like I had just before the 2008 banking crisis. There were a lot of signs that things weren’t right. People were getting loans that should never have been made by institutions that seemed to be operating outside the boundaries of logic and common sense, but it all just kept rolling along until that one day in September 2008. While a lot had been going on behind the scenes and reports were all warning us of a big problem, September was the line, at least to me, that crossed into insanity. Until then, I thought that with all of the focus on the markets, that sanity would ultimately prevail. It didn’t and it may not now, either.

We’re headed down a dangerous, stupid road and it’s intentional. The communists like Barack Obama, George Soros and globalists like Klaus Schwab want to see the end of the United States. They see their utopia on the horizon, which, keep in mind, is funded, fueled and provided by slaves unable to raise a resistance to any level of debasement and humiliation the elite might impose. America and its freedom, its armed population and independent thinkers are the enemy to those who simply want eternal compliance. 

So, it seems, they will drive us to war with Russia through the destruction of Ukraine and should the United States put up a reasonable defense, China will likely take that opportunity to engage and conquer Taiwan, ending our supply chain of advanced chipsets that will disable almost the whole fleet of American vehicles, both government and private, cars, trucks and semis along with, not surprising at this point, a great deal of our military equipment.

We have a lot of problems in this country, most of them created by the unwillingness of our politicians and government to recognize and respect individual rights, choosing the elevation of one part of society while denigrating and violating the rights of the other part. In this lack of cohesion and promotion of division, the cultural homogeneity needed to rise as one nation, with one goal, i.e., to defeat the external enemy, is no longer possible due to internal enemies. A good portion of the population openly seeks its destruction while several million illegals don’t care one bit about the survival of the United States of America. 

The epiphany came with the Chinese balloon that demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were compromised at an intimate level. Perhaps all of the above speculation was nothing more than an unwillingness to recognize the most obvious conclusion: that China had already won the major part of the war and the ultimate capitulation of the population would come about in a gradual, coerced method of strangling the remaining patriots. Everything “American” is reviled among our politicians. The Democrats in the House refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, perhaps because it would be a criminal offense in China to do so. 

We might go to war with Russia, but Biden and his treasonous general staff have already bowed to China.

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