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The Enemy Within
T.L. Davis

I can no longer conceive of a future for humanity that is not somehow the equivalent of a Matrix-style battery pack for the elite. To envision anything wildly different, I’d have to have more faith in my fellow man than I currently do. I’ve seen events unfold that were completely unpredictable that yielded incredible opportunities for freedom and self-determination, only to watch them get squashed by the globalist elite. Whatever promise Trump’s victory signified in the early days was quickly swamped under by, well, the swamp. 

What I do know is that criminals who get away with crimes are physically, emotionally and intellectually incapable of pursuing any other than a criminal path. To that extent, they usually go overboard, become too confident and comfortable so that when they’re finally presented with their crimes, they can’t understand them as such. “It’s just the business, the way it’s done.” That’s Joe Biden.

When you total up all of the abuses of the Biden Administration against the average American, in gas prices, food prices, an open border, energy costs and realize they’re all manmade, nearly created out of thin air by Joe Biden and his cabinet in one way or another, you realize that the war is not against Russia, or China, but against America and Americans. It has never been about what can be done to ease the suffering of the people, but rather how much more they will be made o suffer to be brought under the heel of the government.

We are a land without a leader. Joe Biden is not leading us, he is compelling us, demanding from us, threatening us. The leadership of Merrick Garland has seen the FBI go after school moms with the rough tactics of a SWAT team. Pete Buttigieg has overseen the worst transportation related crises in American history with a flippant remark about the whiteness of construction workers and nothing about the giant poison cloud drifting over the middle of America from a train derailment and subsequent detonation of toxic chemicals. That’s how vengeful and disassociated these two people are. This is how weak we are as a nation that we have these two officials in charge of things. No matter where one goes on the list of the Executive Branch, they’re all losers and pathetic titleholders rather than leaders working on behalf of the people.

While this seems to be a circumstance rather than a strategic miscalculation, the war in Ukraine, ostensibly to protect the corruption and operation of biological warfare labs from discovery and exposure by Russia’s invasion, raises it to an international conflict for the only seeming purpose of salvaging the career of Joseph Robinette Biden and nothing else. Obama, no matter how involved in this he is, is not in danger of sacrificing one single thing. No one has ever held him or Hillary Clinton responsible for anything. 

There is no chance that Russia loses this conflict, but through it, I’ve come to see that though Vladimir Putin is no saint himself, Ukraine and the inextricable ties to the Biden clan, are not the good guys. Putin has gone out of his way to recognize this, that the American and Ukrainian people are not the enemy, but the corrupt and criminal leadership placed in power in the United States by fraud and devious manipulation of the election by the FBI and media corporations, and Ukraine by a US coup in 2017 are. It’s this false leadership Putin has been careful to address, that his generals are careful to recognize as the enemy behind several years of Ukrainian aggression. 

The harder the same media companies that helped to install Biden pushed to accept and support Ukraine, the more suspicious I became. The more the Democrats and RINOs sought to help, the more I doubted the honesty and truth of their purpose. Of course, I understood the money-laundering aspect of it, but I’m talking above that, aside from that. 

Here’s the dangerous part. When you accept that the United States Government has been hostile to its people, willing to watch them starve and freeze to death unless they accept a poisonous injection that will probably kill them anyway, on a longer time frame, in sympathy to the funeral directors, I suppose. When you accept that they just unleashed a poisonous cloud to wipe out a large swath of American food production since setting fire to food production facilities (probably by Antifa or BLM) wasn’t starving enough people fast enough. When you accept that Biden seems to be goading Russia into a nuclear conflict, the same way the ATF and FBI seem to be goading the American gunowner into some rash armed resistance. When you accept that our government, our schools and our bureaucracies are designed solely to restrict, enslave and punish the people for individual thoughts and opinions, unapproved opinions, that “hate speech” is nothing other than the denial of individual thought and expression, the very foundation and purpose of our revolution, you realize that we have become the enemy we have always fought to defeat. 

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately, I know, but, then what? 

It is not America that has become the enemy, but the illegitimate political structure that has been in place, waiting for the opportunity to hold a flag above their heads and claim that it now symbolizes the New Order. Well, it doesn’t. It still means what it has always meant and the good people of this nation need to quickly throw off this yoke of forcefully imposed totalitarianism and the best way to do that is to demand a rectification of the 2020 election, not to put anyone in power, but to make clear that it was fraudulent and that anything that has gone on since then has been to the damage and injury to the American people and the ideal of America itself. 

That election is where the criminal element came out. It’s where a lot of the treason was committed by those in the upper echelon. If there is a cause to rally behind, it is not necessarily a human, like Trump, but an ideal of self government denied, removed, ripped from the hands of the citizens of this nation. These are the sides to choose, sides that have already been chosen in one way or another at one level or another; it is the battle between criminality and righteousness.

All the patriot class have ever done is demand that the laws be obeyed, whether that’s at the border, or the laws against forced injections, or the laws keeping violent criminals behind bars, or the laws concerning riots and destruction of property. That they have not obeyed any of these laws puts them on the side of criminality, have made them the enemy of the people. 

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