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They Need 7.5 Billion to Die

Many of the current moves by major actors are designed for depopulation purposes. Our global "elites" believe the earth is most sustainable at about 500 million. We stand at about 8 billion. Thus, to achieve that objective, they need 7.5 billion to die and/or stop reproducing. Since about 5.5 billion took a genetically modifying "vaccine" globally, the other 2 billion will sort themselves by means of starvation, newly modified diseases, war, and sexual dysphorias designed to minimize reproductive impulses. 

The latest food shortages are just such an example. Throughout human history, subsistence farming was the most likely means of food resources. We ate what either we grew or those of our neighbors. Thanks to advancements in agriculture and technology, food has become abundant, leading to a 20th Century population boom despite two devastating world wars and various Marxist inspired population purges. The latest advancements in supply chain efficiency led to even more food resources, especially proteins. Thus, the 21st Century was set for a potential doubling of the world population between 2001 - 2075. That is a problem if you are a climate change fanatic. 

Correspondingly, it is not a coincidence that the world suddenly lost its mind and began humoring dysgenic freaks in dresses. The agenda to depopulate is very real. At present, nearly 20% of the current generation ("Z") identifies as something other than heterosexual. That is a nearly seven fold increase over the previous generation.

The desire to depopulate is strong and almost every facet of our current system points toward that desire. From the Vax to the Ukraine war escalation to sexual dysfunction to food shortages to crippling inflation - it is all designed to make us smaller.


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