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How to Protest Successfully: The 2022 Freedom Convoy
Martin Armstrong

The 2022 Freedom Convoy is underway in Canada as countless truckers have gathered in Ottawa, forming a gridlock. They have a clear agenda and request — repeal all COVID mandates, now! Prime Minister Trudeau cowardly went into hiding before the truckers arrived and now conveniently claims he tested positive for the coronavirus yet again. He can quarantine, but the truckers will be waiting for him once he runs out of excuses to hide.

The truckers have clear demands and leadership. Citizens have warmly welcomed the truckers as they’ve passed through countless towns, with people and churches donating food, shelter, and money to the cause that will benefit everyone, even those outside of Canada. Numerous protestors have declared online that their hotels and nearby eateries no longer require masks and everyone is in the fight together.

The protestors are respectful. They have not left behind any damage, and citizens have cleaned up any trash left behind. The organizers have asked other protestors to report anyone who seems to be a nuisance who might be attempting to detract from the cause. Even the police have praised the thousands of protestors for their collectively calm behavior. They are not burning down buildings or asking for vague demands. As much as the media would like to paint this as a white nationalist movement, as they tend to do when they are losing an argument, they cannot deny that there is a sense of unity among Canadians right now who are peacefully fighting for their freedoms. This historical movement is simply about COVID mandates.

The Freedom Convoy wants Justin Trudeau to admit he violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and repeal ALL mandates. The message is clear, and the protestors have no intentions of leaving until Trudeau comes out, faces them like a man, and eliminates all COVID-related restrictions.


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