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The Road To Collapse and Tyranny
Tom Chatham

The western world as we know it will not last much longer in its' present form. The architects of this collapse will extract as much of the wealth as they can before they finally pull the plug and watch as the nations tear themselves apart from within. Make no mistake, this is a designed collapse and has been planned for decades. Keep in mind that real wealth is made up of hard assets like precious metals, land, production equipment, mineral resources and businesses that produce a physical product. These are the assets that the engineers will take possession of just prior to the total collapse of the affected nations. These are the things that will have value after the collapse and those that have possession of them will make the rules for whatever type of society we find ourselves in.

There are certain sign posts on the road to collapse that act as warnings to those receptive to the signs. These signs can help those attempting to navigate the times to prepare for the final stages when they will be in the greatest danger. Countries go through some stages faster than others or even skip some stages so the signs must be observed to estimate where you are in the countdown to chaos. The signs to watch are the following.

Currency Wars

Capital Controls and Nationalization of Retirement Accounts

Trade War

High Inflation

Price Controls

Military Aggression


Sovereign Default

Chaos and Social Breakdown

Martial Law

When a country's economy begins to falter, the government will attempt to deflect blame and divert attention with other things. As the government appropriates the last of the nations' wealth and the final destruction of the currency is in sight, many times they will go to war to hide these facts. When inflation begins to enrage in the population the government will invoke price controls to appease the mob, but this will ultimately cause shortages and set the stage for the chaos that follows. Those that believed in the government will be caught unprepared and will be easy to manipulate by those in charge and will be used in many ways.

Gun control is not present on this list due to the fact that most countries already have gun control in effect at this time. While gun control can be activated at any time by the government of collapsing countries, it will almost certainly happen prior to chaos due to the governments need to control the chaos with force.

The U.S. may be a special case though due to the fact that gun ownership is tightly woven into the very fabric of the nation. This will no doubt give the engineers a harder time of planning a reaction to the planned chaos. The U.S. government has several scenarios on paper to deal with the chaos as it plays out. They may provide a false flag attack according to one DHS insider, in a major city such as D.C. which will be blamed on patriots, constitutionalists and Christians in order to garner government support from the population to go after these types of individuals. This is designed to create a civil war that will give the government cover to commit crimes against citizens and eliminate their enemies. This is only one scenario but seems likely given the current climate in this country. The engineers will try to eliminate weapons for fear they will become targets by those who know what is happening but in all likelihood this will fail.

The engineers expect the crisis to end in their favor in some form of tyranny that they control but even the best laid plans never survive the first battle intact. This means they will have contingency plans to deal with the changing tides of chaos as citizens react to government operations. Those that see the signs and prepare for troubling times should have their own contingency plans to deal with changing situations on the ground where they live. The next ten years will be very fluid and you need to be adaptable to survive with your family and resources in tact.

The fate of the nation will lie in many things such as who controls the farmland and water resources in the country. These things are mainly found in the rural areas where government resistance will be the greatest. These are things that must be controlled by the government to insure control of the country and its' population. Those who control the food, water and energy will have a great deal of power.

As stated in a previous article, we may be facing not one war but three to fight inside this country, a revolution against the government, a civil war against government supporters and a war against foreign troops at some point. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the government will bring in mercenaries from abroad if they seem to be loosing ground to the citizens. More information on the governments' plans can be found in a recent article at Northeast Intelligence Network concerning a DHS insider. Those that plan on some type of armed resistance should insure they ration their resources to enable them to get to the end of the crisis. The fate of nations often times rests on the shoulders of a chosen few willing to do the hard things to insure a future worthy of those who have died to keep the torch lit.

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