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Dear Treasonous Traitors: Fuck You. Strong Message Follows.
Raconteur Report

SCOTUS rules Texas may not stop illegal invasion from Mexico.

Since SCOTUS has ruled - beyond and against any legal reasoning worthy of the name - that the U.S. Constitution does not apply to Texas, Texas should ratify that decision and return the favor, in spades.

There should be consequences to ruling a state is outside the protection of the Constitution under which it joined the republic.

All representatives of Texas outside its geographic boundaries should be recalled to the state forthwith.

1) How many divisions does SCOTUS have?

2) Texas should arrest on the spot any federal agent attempting to cut, remove, or displace any obstacle Texas has erected within the state's boundaries, or otherwise thwart prevention by Texas of the criminal invasion of their state, and hold any such arrestees without bail indefinitely, for insurrection and treason.

3a) Any of them who are current residents of Texas should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Texas law, in batches if necessary, and imprisoned in the state's penitentiaries forthwith, for the entirety of sentences received, without any possibility of leniency or parole. If a court decides on the death penalty, a ten- or twelve-place scaffold should suffice, to save time. Pour encourager les autres.

3b) Any of them with residency outside of Texas should be held without trial until the U.S. re-establishes diplomatic relations with Texas. Outside, behind barbed wire, in their underpants, 24/7.

3c) Any military personnel who attempt to enter or leave their bases should be similarly interred as in 3b, but given normal treatment under the Geneva Convention in lieu of formal treaty. 

3d) Any personnel attempting to leave military reservations within the state under arms, by land or air, should be exterminated with extreme prejudice, and those bases seized and occupied. As long as they stand down and remain neutral and unreinforced, they should remain unmolested as is. Any act of war upon Texas from such installations in any manner or to any degree voids any such guarantee. If they elect to road march on foot out of state territory, unarmed, and leaving all vehicles and equipment behind, they should be given parole and safe conduct to the state's borders. Any future return to the state under arms subjects them to immediate execution upon capture.

4) Any other federal agents, officers, or employees, lifting so much as a finger in assistance of the treasonous, seditious, and criminal conspiracy to aid and abet the invasion of the state of Texas, from within the boundaries of the state of Texas, should receive the same treatment. Tears that would be shed over any death, let alone massacre, of federal agents attempting to interfere or resist, anywhere: zero.

5) If the federal government refuses to halt this invasion, and wants to provoke a Fort Sumter moment against Texas, I suspect Texas would only have about 100M volunteers flocking to their side to take a free shot at Uncle Fuckyou within hours of declaring same, and the refugees fleeing the Mexican border region southward wouldn't be safe very much north of Cancun by the end of a month's time.

6) Some of the volunteers would start right in where they already are, and then the idea would spread immediately to about 37 other states. When the Green Zone shrunk to the District of Criminals and a handful of blue hive cities, the pro-invasion lobby would really have both tits in a ringer, and things would get interesting worldwide, in a Chinese curse sort of way.

7) Since the U.S. has not only abdicated even any ersatz border enforcement, and is now not only aiding and abetting criminal border violation, but actively preventing the several states from doing anything to stop it, Texas should take over the entire border from the Gulf to New Mexico, close it in perpetuity, and institute a "shoot-on-sight" policy forthwith. The state's DPS should then begin round-ups and imprisonment of criminal illegal aliens whenever and wherever found within Texas, and imprison them side-by-side with their former co-conspirators, outside, behind barbed wire, in their underpants, 24/7, for a term not less than 1:1 for the entire period of time they have illegally resided in the Lone Star State. If they wanted to come to Texas illegally with such fervor, they're fully entitled to enjoy the weather there outdoors in January (and every other month) unhindered.

This is what happens when you pretend an unarmed and non-violent panty raid on the US Capitol is an "insurrection", and then double- and triple-down on that fairytale, by sponsoring a criminal invasion of the country for two years.

Here's hoping Texas doesn't roll over and take it in the pants, and instead has the backbone to decide to send Emperor Poopypants the bird with both hands on this here and now, and triple dog dares federally employed criminals to wade face first into this propeller. This is where we find out whether Texas is all hat and no cattle, or the real deal.

It's clearly an idea whose time has come.

P.G.T. Beauregard sends his compliments.




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