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Our Incompetent Elite Is Opening Up America to Attack
Kurt Schlichter

My first Townhall Column of the year was my top 2024 predictions, but one prediction did not fit with its snarky vibe. Let me make it now. In 2024, we’re going to see a massive terrorist attack here in the United States. I’m not going to sugarcoat it – I’m worried that we’re facing a terrorist threat unlike anything we’ve ever seen and that a lot of Americans are going to die. It does not have to happen, but because the people running this country are so corrupt, malicious, and incompetent, it will.

The people running this country have made choices – like throwing open the border – that are going to kill a lot of Americans because our enemies, unlike our alleged leaders, are serious people. They’re serious about subjugating and killing us. But the only things our leadership is serious about are keeping their names off pervert passenger lists, skimming endless Ukrainian cash, and pronouns, pronouns, pronouns, always pronouns. We have a distinctly unserious elite in the most serious of times.

When October 7 happened, we saw the Israelis caught unawares by an asymmetrical attack where a determined and cunning foe leveraged all its limited strengths against the Jewish state’s very few weaknesses, allowing Hamas to execute a short but bloody rape and murder spree. Understand that 10/7 was not a military assault, though it used violent means. It was an information operation, an operation designed not primarily to destroy the combat power of the IDF but to attack the will of the Israeli people and force Israel to change its policies. That did not work. Israel was stronger than Hamas imagined, and it hit back harder and more consistently than the terrorists expected, despite the shameful backstabbing by the Biden administration and the screaming of the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party here at home. 

But what would be the effect if our jihadist enemies launched such an attack here in America? Again, while they would target some infrastructure – we are enormously vulnerable because we imagine we are safe – the real target would be the heart of our country. They would seek to use hideous bloodshed and publicized atrocities – including rape and mutilation – to scare us into folding up into the fetal position and pulling back from the world in reaction to the sheer scope of the violence and murder they would inflict. Imagine – because they have – murders and atrocities across the country, uploaded on the web, with waves of strikes occurring inside the decision cycle of our totally inept current administration, politicized federal law enforcement, and woke military.

It can happen. I fear it will.

I write about all this and more in my new novel, The Attack, which is published on January 8th. I originally thought about writing a nonfiction book about the threat that I and others saw in the wake of the October 7 attack, but I went with fiction because it allows me to talk in more detail about what we Americans would individually experience and to viscerally show how an American 10/7 would unfold. I talked to a lot of military people, government officials, and intelligence personnel to make sure my scenario was entirely plausible. Sadly, it is entirely plausible. In fact, I actually removed some things because I just didn’t want to give away those tactics and vulnerabilities. The Attack is not a grim slog – there’s some of the dark humor that my People’s Republic fans appreciate, such as how the terrorists decide not to attack the FBI because they assess that it is more damaging to the Americans’ ability to tighten back if that broken organization remains operational – but the novel is intense. I know it’ll scare the hell out of you because it scared the hell out of me while I researched and wrote it.

The scenario for the kind of attack I believe is coming is deceptively simple – infiltrate a large number of minimally-trained killers who have no regard for their own lives into the USA and shed as much blood as possible, preferably on camera. We are utterly unprepared for this, and in fact, we are helping our enemies by facilitating their ability to position forces to attack us inside the United States. The entire southern border is wide open – it would be a joke if it weren’t going to lead to so many deaths. We’re seeing tens of thousands of military-aged males walking into the United States. Some of them are infiltrators. It will not take much to organize a force that launches simultaneous attacks over the width and breadth of this country. Think 10/7 on steroids.

We are not prepared for such a mass attack. Our law enforcement can barely contain a single freak with a gun. Do you remember those idiots in Boston who blew up the marathon with a pressure cooker bomb? There were two of them with a couple of handguns, and they completely locked down a major metropolis for a couple of days. Two untrained idiots with a pair of pistols shut down the whole city of Boston. So what happens if you have 10,000 suicidal jihadists with smuggled-in automatic weapons simply waiting for an order? Those of you who have been in the military understand command and control, but what happens if you don’t need it? What happens if you just position these people, arm them, and have them wait until a set time to go to a specific place and start murdering Americans? What if your plan was to launch mass shooters across the country, supplemented by some specialists with bombs and missiles, plus hit teams designed to go after prominent politicians, entertainment, people, and other public figures? You’re not talking about hundreds dead. You’re talking tens of thousands of dead. 

And what happens if that takes place – when it takes place – to our national morale? After 9/11, we went to Afghanistan and killed everybody associated with Al Qaeda. We made the mistake of staying, but there was never any question about our initial commitment to vengeance. Today, do you think this desiccated old pervert in the White House could orchestrate the kind of retribution that would be required to respond to a mass attack? That’s especially true if a nation – like, I don’t know, Iran – is behind it, and only a nation-state could back this kind of mass assault. This administration is never going to do anything about Iran. Hell, these Iran-backed Houthi semi-humans are shutting down arguably the most important trade route in the world, and Grandpa Badfinger is staggering around, shrugging, yelling about “Muh democracy!” and saying we normal Americans are America’s greatest threat.

What happens in a scenario where almost every American knows someone personally who’s been murdered? That can happen. I’m afraid it will happen. And when it does, who is going to fight back? The pronoun platoon that used to be our military? No, when they start killing Americans on the street, the first responders are going to be us, at least in places we were allowed to arm ourselves. Pity the people in the blue states like California who are sitting ducks. 

Do you think the enemy doesn’t see our weakness? Do you think the enemy hasn’t thought about this? No, the enemy knows exactly where we are vulnerable, and that’s where we’re going to strike, just like Hamas did to Israel. They are weaker than us militarily, but I fear they are stronger than us in terms of commitment. As we saw with the Claudine Gay nonsense, our elite is committed to nothing but the perpetuation of its own scummy power. It’s not competent, it’s not courageous, and it’s not capable. It’s weak, and it’s stupid – America is run by Fredos, who insist they aren’t dumb like everybody says, that they’re smart and want respect.

Michael knew the score.

I fear that our alleged elite is inviting a bloodbath of epic proportions, something that will change this country forever. I chose to write a novel to talk about it because, through fiction, I can tell individual stories and show you exactly how it’s going to affect you and the people you love. And it’s scary. Understand where we are. Prepare yourself. And get serious about the election. Our nominee has got to win. Put aside mean tweets, put aside hurt feelings. When we pick a nominee, that nominee has got to win the White House or we lose more than just an election. It’s a matter of life and death. Literally, and remember that life and death may be yours.

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Kurt Schlichter (Twitter: @KurtSchlichter) was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by Andrew Breitbart. He is a name partner at a growing Los Angeles trial law firm, a retired Army Infantry colonel with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, and a former stand-up comic. 

He is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business News, appears on air with such luminaries as Hugh Hewitt, Larry O'Connor, Tony Katz, Derek Hunter, Howie Carr, John Cardillo, and Chris Stigall among others. His most recent nonfiction book is "Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy." His latest novel is "Wildfire." He is also the author of "People's Republic" and "Indian Counry."

As an Army officer, he commanded a cavalry recon squadron, and served in Desert Storm and Kosovo as well as multiple disaster operations. He lives in the South Bay area of Los Angeles where his hobbies include red meat and red wine.

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