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Dangerous Days for Freedom and Liberty
Justin O. Smith

Everywhere I’ve looked of late, the news reads like a Who’s Who in a long list of tyrants who want to impose some new insane, nonsensical idea that harms the average American but enriches them and their cronies and grows their power in some way. This is a level of corruption that surpasses even the massive corruption seen in the FDR and Obama administrations, and it begs the question: Just how much more will conservative, Christian and independent American patriots sit still and watch a continuation of more of the same.

I’m not so much disheartened as I am angry and disgusted. I’m going to be happy, even if tyranny eventually reigns supreme everywhere we look – it may not be easy, but I refuse to let tyrants dictate the terms of my life; so, should the worst come to pass, they will call me “outlaw”. Push comes to shove, I’ll be the Amerikkan Commies worst nightmare and I won’t lose a wink of sleep over any I may eventually send home to their Maker. 

Never in all my life and wildest imagination did I ever think I’d witness a day and a time in our country when its very existence was at risk and at stake, much less a day when any group of people within America would clamor for the advancement of tyranny as they cheered the approach of their own chains and a lifetime of serfdom. The level of ignorance it takes to achieve today’s status quo is nearly unfathomable, and it speaks to just how serious a predicament we find ourselves combatting as best we can.

I’ll live free – we all can live free – for just as long as my friends and community stand alongside me resisting, refusing to comply and rebelling against each new arbitrary diktat and illegal mandate or “law”. And call me “outlaw” if they will, but regardless of who’s with me and who’s against me, I’ll live free so long as there’s breath in my body and my ammo holds out.

God willing, we see this through to the end, a miracle from God or a day when conservative America can’t take the madness any more and we rise up and drive these red, radical anti-American rat bastards into the oceans or leave their dead carcasses stacked ten feet deep and ten feet high all about us in all directions for as far as the eye can see.

Hi, NSA! I hope You guys paid close attention to that last paragraph ~ J.O.S.

Imprison the Tyrants or Leave Their Dead Carcasses for the Buzzards

The freedom and liberty of all Americans has never been under so intense an attack and a multitude of existential threats as it is today. These days are the most dangerous for freedom and liberty that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, as they having been targeted by some of the most greedy, vile, dishonest, manipulative and ignorant segments of our people throughout our society and outright liars at all levels of our government.

Never has it been made to be so difficult to hold conservative or Christian views in America, or even state just the plain facts of a matter, as we see revealed in recent actions from corporate America, the federal and state governments and many ignorant people currently sitting their ignorant asses down as elected representatives to the United States Congress.

And it makes me so tired, along with so many other American patriots who believe in those first founding principles that created greater freedom and economic prosperity for all for the first one hundred and fifty years or so. Not tired of living, but of constantly having the ignorant, as well as the willing, knowledgeable complicit, trample upon, violate and suppress those principles, our the inalienable God-given rights and our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

I’m tired, boss. Tired of watching a serial-liar in the Oval Office who has weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI and now targets conservative Americans for arrest and prosecution at the slightest bit of opposition or provocation; I’m tired of one set of the double standard exercised by Joe Biden and the red, radical, Democratic Part communist rat bastards, when it comes to applying the law, as they give Leftists a walk and a slap on the wrist for actual violations of the law and Conservatives get the book thrown at them, spending months and years in prison, even when its largely known the charges were groundless and manufactured.

Weary as hell – that’s how Conservative America feels after shouting their pertinent and valid genuine concerns and anger over Joe Biden‘s intentional, criminal abandonment of any real border security at our Southern border and repeatedly having them ignored and disregarded, essentially falling on deaf ears of those Biden apparatchiks who know exactly the treason they are committing and just don’t care. We grow more weary and more angry with every new million of illegal aliens that cross the Rio Grand into America as Biden just grins and nods and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas keeps on claiming “the border is secure”.

When? That’s the question. When will these anti-American communists finally be held accountable and charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for the massive harm they have done to all America?

I’m sick to death of seeing America – this America I love so well – destroyed so rapidly from a lack of solid, real, definitive and effective action from the GOP or any group opposing Joe Biden and his anti-American goose-stepping, anti-liberty fascists and communists. One can’t effectively oppose an enemy from within that follows or adheres to no rules or laws by playing nice and staying within the rules, especially when those rules are used against them time and again. Tired of a DOJ and FBI that handles Biden’s mishandling of secret documents with kid gloves, even though he has more than likely been selling top secret information to the Iranians and Chinese for years, while the DOJ and FBI went full bore and hard core against former President Trump for a significantly less serious situation under a completely different set of circumstances.

Please understand, Biden was VP and had zero authority to have those in his possession, he had zero powers to declassify them and he had them in a completely unsecured setting. President Trump had the right to his papers, the authority to declassify them as a sitting president, and after the fact, he had them in a safe in a locked and secure room, with Secret Service always in the vicinity.

I’m tired of this Communist Biden Regime that is doing everything within its power to spend America into financial collapse, pushing the national debt to nearly $32 trillion and the interest America pays to well over a trillion dollars a year. They print, borrow and steal all in the name of protecting and defending America, while they are simultaneously dismantling the system and stomping the freedom and liberty of Americans into the ground in the name of equity and equal results, rather than upholding the equality of all people under the law.

It’s beyond sickening to see reprobates and false prophets within our local, state and federal governments and corporations, professional sports teams and some Marxist leaning churches pushing the LGBTQ and Transgender Movements against Conservative America, as they attempt to validate, justify and normalize these mentally ill deviants within society to the very real and harsh detriment of the rest of America.

People can, should and must fight back as hard as they can against this trash, just as we recently saw Ivan Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers do, when he refused to wear a jersey that celebrated queer “Pride“. He refused to do so because of his Russian Orthodox Christian beliefs, and good for him and God Bless him too. And as he noted, be who and whatever you want to be, but don’t try to impose your beliefs on him when they are antithetical to what is true and right.

Many Americans are sick of the ignorant people in the country who attempt to deny the reality that there are only two sexes, a man and a woman, as designed through God’s plan. There are not 56 or 127 “genders” or whatever number these freaks contend and to suggest otherwise is simply delusional and suggests one is mentally ill. But speak this truth and the New Amerikkan Communists of the Democratic Party and Corporate America will cancel such a person as quickly as they can, if they can, unless one is in a position to effectively counter their attacks, in the manner of Kid Rock.

How can one not be tired of the CDC that is full of unelected officials who force people to do their bidding and adhere to rules that no one has voted on, just because they think they sound good, despite a lack of proven results? Most Americans are tired of such tyrants and those in law enforcement who see fit to force illegal, unconstitutional mandates on us, as if they had the force of law.

America is tired of the CDC that now thinks it still has the authority to bring back the mask mandates and lockdowns at anytime of its choosing over some new variant of a variant of a variant. We’re damned for certain sick and tired of Dr Fauci, who supposedly retired but remains on the National Institute of Health’s payroll at the CDC, so he can keep a government security detail at taxpayers’ expense, which is even more outrageous once one considers he is the highest paid government employee, making more than the president. And we’re damned sick and tired of all the CDC and other “health” agencies and their agents who really believe they have the authority to force us to put something into our bodies against our will.

Americans are tired of tyrants, period.

Tired of those shrill schills and the petty, know-nothing tyrants who want us to destroy our economy and our entire way of life by killing the fossil fuel industry, halting the building of new refineries and oil and gas pipelines. Tired of those crack-pipe fools pursuing “green energy” that is massively more expensive and a very real and existential threat to any ecosystem it touches.

The underwater research alone to install windmills off the coast of New York and New Jersey has already resulted in seven dead whales appearing along the beaches. And just to achieve an equal capacity to our current energy production with solar and wind energy stations, it would consume fifteen times more concrete, ninety times more aluminum, and fifty times more iron, copper and glass than fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Just mining the necessary materials for the new green energy utopia is a nasty, dirty business that uses a concoction of chemical reagents, such as sulphuric and nitric acid, on the ores after they are extracted and crushed, along with other procedures to obtain the rare earth materials. Purifying a single ton of rare earth minerals uses a minimum pf 200 cubic meters of water, which then becomes polluted with acids and heavy metals, and the entire process leaves behind an toxic sludge that is severely destructive to the environment.

Every solar panel is a toxic conglomeration of silicon, arsenide, silver, crystalline, gallium, lead, cadmium and a litany of other metals, that leech into our various water supplies, whenever one of these panels is left laying on the ground after some destructive storm or being discarded improperly after it is otherwise damaged and stops functioning properly. It’s not difficult to understand the environmental catastrophe that will follow with an exponentially large expansion of our “green” renewable energy industries, especially when one considers that the materials needed for a successful transition to “green energy” requires 20 million square miles, or thirty-seven percent of the Earth’s land.

Conservative Americans are tired of clowns like red-faced, vein-bulging Al Gore shouting gloom and doom by way of the “Climate Change” Hoax at the World Economic Forum and here in our own country, while they advocate policies that end in poverty for all of us plebians, so they and their idiot friends can expand their wealth and live like kings, while controlling the world as the new feudal lords.

They can shove their electric cars, solar panels and wind turbines straight up their commie asses. I’ll stick with natural gas, a good F-250, replacing trees, wood-burning stoves and good ol’ reliable coal-fired power plants and oil all day long everyday.

These ignorant ass commies deny science when they call CO2 a pollutant. It’s a nutrient for green plants and trees that absorb it and return oxygen into the atmosphere – you know – that stuff we humans breathe.

Oh yea – and that’s another thing we’re tired of having forced upon us. We reject the transhuman agenda within the tyrannical globalists’ and One Worlders’ vision that is seeking to create hybrid humans, part machine and forever controllable and trackable and at the mercy of those tyrants who seek to rule the world.

Many are tired so-called “elites” who don’t have sense enough to pour piss from a boot with directions written on the heel, such as Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, pushing Critical Race Theory and anti-White legislation in Congress that absolutely targets and violates the First Amendment and Free Speech. Her bill is the Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023 that seeks “to prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime” – you know – sort of like the black supremacy hate crimes of the New Black Panthers who stopped white voters at the polls in 2012 and 2016 and advocated murdering white people and the Black Lives Matter rioters who targeted and burned white owned business and attacked white conservatives for several years prior to the 2020 election that went without proper action from law enforcement, the prosecutor’s offices and the courts for the duration. Any statement directed against a person of color, even if true and pointing to their crimes, can be seen as “vilifying” them through “hate speech” making your free speech a crime under this bill.

Even our Court seems incapable of making cut and dried rulings when faced with issues that obviously have a right and wrong answer, if one follows a truly moral and righteous philosophy. Or whenever they actually do, the New American Communists simply negate and nullify their rulings as if they hold no bearing in the states that they control, as they probe out and into conservative states to effect the same tyranny there.

And all conservative Americans are really, really tired of being told what they can or cannot say. We’re mind-numbed from the constant warnings about “hate speech” and being told we must use the new gender neutral pronouns desired by the newly empowered and emboldened mentally deranged or again risk being canceled. These anti-American Marxist-Maoist Cancel Culture thugs are attempting to abrogate our freedom of choice and our inalienable God-given rights, as they act as if these things do not even exist. They are advocating and facilitating the de facto eradication of the Bill of Rights each day in every regard, from what we say to who we can choose to assemble with or choose to refrain from having any dealings, associations or business with, and that in and of itself is just plain wrong and illiberal and tyrannical as it gets.

We’re tired, dismayed, angered and saddened to see how casually so many who claim to love the country so readily move to erase history and cancel the existence of some of America’s finest and most honorable men, as we see West Point moving in ignoble, ignorant fashion to remove a bust of General Robert E. Lee, who graduated from West Point second in his class and later served as its superintendent. He was a celebrated Civil War general who met many of his junior officers and future adversaries while running West Point, but he is being disappeared as if he never existed to appease the thugs who emerged in the communist-inspired, communist backed Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd, a street thug, who died in police custody.

Lee fought for the Confederacy for reasons too many so-called historians have long forgotten, that primarily center on States’ Rights, state sovereignty and self-determination and opposition to the arbitrary tariffs imposed by the federal government against the Southern states, the fuse that lit the secession movement. Lee actually rejected the common notion that slavery was a positive good, and he urged those at the helm of the Confederacy to arm the slaves and emancipate those who served in the Confederate Army.

Caricature of Ulysses S. Grant inebriated. (Library of Congress

The BLM movement and its numerous “mostly peaceful protests” and riots triggered a political tidal wave against American history and every American historical figure of much fame and honor from Christopher Columbus to the Union Army commander, Ulysses S. Grant, were defamed and attacked. America witnessed statue after statue toppled and destroyed, even statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, while The Star Spangled Banner was mocked and referred to as a “remnant of white supremacy”. And Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia was ultimately dismantled and destroyed too, as we now hear of time honored names such as Ft. Benning and Ft. Bragg slated by the U.S. Army to have their names changed to assuage the anti-American rat bastards who live in our midst.

Most importantly, America’s true patriots are nauseated to the point of being ill over the fact that the nation’s National Security Agency, FBI and CIA regularly spies on all Americans everyday, scrutinizing our mail and every keystroke of our computer. It’s disgusting to see the manner in which the so-called “elites” have so easily side-stepped the 4th Amendment and regularly spy on anyone of their choosing who catches their notice on the flimsiest of reasons and excuses far under the legal necessary bar of “probable cause” and a real suspicion that a crime has been committed. And all of this in conjunction with the cooperation of private information companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, too.

The Patriot Act and the FISA Reauthorization Act serve government tyranny and the further destruction of the Bill of Rights. They do not serve the cause of freedom and liberty or actually defending and protecting our borders and interior, and with every current federal agency heavily infiltrated by the communists and fascists of our country, they have actually been weaponized and are now used to target conservative and Christian Americans.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m past gut-wrenching, gut-hugging, puking sick over listening to these anti-American rat bastard pieces of walking shit always saying how much they desire “compromise” on the issues with their Republican counterparts and then turning right around and demanding nothing less than total surrender and submission to their agenda. They’ve made it more than clear that, in truth, they aren’t interested in true compromise, and they aren’t interested in anything less than the end of this republic and the cleansing and rewrite of history to paint them as the country’s saviors rather than the Destroyers they are.

There is absolutely not one God damned thing one can find in this God damned Democratic Party’s current evil agenda that I could ever remotely think of compromising on in the slightest. I don’t seek compromises where none exist and neither should the rest of Conservative and Independent America.

Hope and believe in God’s salvation and a coming miracle, that’s all well and good. But one can know without a doubt the serious nature of the deep trouble the nation has sitting on its shoulders when our election system is a car-wreck and so many of our youth are so enamored with communism, Antifa is ramping up operations again and far too many people in their twenties are unbelievable unpatriotic and disaffected towards America and can’t even name the first president of the United States.

Whatever happened to live and let live, do no wrong and mean no harm? We are seeing the emergence of an ever more intensely intrusive government that seems to forget its primary charge from the earliest days of our country was to promote and protect our freedom and liberty and economic prosperity, not destroy them all so the government and its leaders could reign supreme.

Every God damned thing that has been done over the past twenty-two years has made certain that the future of the next few generations is as bleak as it gets, but the past fourteen years and the treasonous enemy from within on all fronts have ensured the future will be much more bleak than need be unless some strong, harsh corrective action is taken now. And it won’t get fixed by the GOP or at the voting booth, not as matters stand today.

Act and live your life as you wish and however you desire, so long as your actions harm no one, even when the communists are calling normal human activity and interaction “illegal” and against some new mandate or “law” they’ve concocted on a whim. Free born men and women, who hold true to our nation’s founding and its exceptional nature that shined for many long decades, must not compromise with this advancing evil, nor bend or break as we stand strong and firm, and should matters be pushed to the point of civil war by the Amerikkan communists, as I believe they will, we must fight these red, radical anti-American rat bastards with every last bit of strength and courage that we can muster through sheer force of our will.

Many voices from the past have echoed the sentiment that in the darkest times the brightest lights shine, and from the fires and chaos of war we often see true heroes forged to emerge and lead the way onward. It is in the middle of such a tempest storm that the human spirit truly shines, especially with so much at stake of such importance as one’s own freedom and liberty, and the same for one’s family and loved ones.

Each American patriot can be a leader at any time, any given moment given the right circumstances. When your moment arrives let your light shine, and should the fight be forced upon you, let the bullets fly, because there isn’t anything that unifies conservative America and this bunch of mentally-ill nut cases in the Democratic Party.

We’ve seen the enemy. We know who they are. We know where they live.

Anyone out there handy with a good scope and 30.06? Anyone?

Let us awaken the spirit of our ancestors and shake the very foundations of America, the world in fact, as we stand strong, firm and proud and leading the way along a path that restores true freedom under a limited government.

Let us fight for truth, life, and liberty to restore a principled, righteous order to all America and put an end to the communist stoked madness, even if it means fighting to our last dying gasp so that our children may live free.


Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

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