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The World Is Now the Opposite of Everything it Is ‘Supposed’ to Be
Gary D. Barnett

“Up was down, black was white, good was bad, day was night.”

George Costanza—Seinfeld “The Opposite”

Comedy is a true reflection of life, and in many ways, humor can be used to explain the unexplainable; to expose the ludicrous nature of constant seriousness, and the fallibility of man from the standpoint of critical reality in a not-so-severe manner.  In order to find the truth, it is sometimes necessary to laugh out loud and at one’s self, and others as well, and in the process, come to see things more clearly.

It has been said that with evil, comes inversion. If this is in fact true, and I believe that it is, we are now living in a time of extreme evil. This world has been turned upside down, as everything seems to be the opposite of what it should be. Where we once had more freedom, we now have more slavery. Where we once were excited about life, we now are depressed. Where we once were a family, we now are alone, and where we once were bold and unafraid, we now live in fear. If everything we are doing is wrong, then doing the opposite should be right.

The ‘normal’ that is sought then, should be the opposite of most everything happening today, so instead of cancel culture, maybe we should concentrate on cancelling the non-artistic, the non-cultural, the unenlightened, the unintellectual, the mass hatred that has nothing to do with fake racism, and everything to do with modern progressivism. It is time to accept our real history and learn from it instead of destroying it. To destroy the past is to destroy the future, and our future is being taken from us by brute force, voluntary submission, and mass stupidity in a world turned upside down.

The possible caveat to this current situation of course, is that humanity is, and has always been, just a messed-up experiment gone bad; that man is inherently evil, and incapable of happiness, love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, and that this path we are on is the natural culmination of fate. If that is so, then nothing of value matters, and life is but a short trek toward death. If the majority ever come to believe this, we are doomed, but if the majority do have natural tendencies of good, then the many should stand against all forms of tyranny, and take back their individual selves, allowing for a better world, and one of more sanity and calm.

With that said, let us look at where we are, where we have been, and where we are going, and once that hell is understood, maybe people will be able to muster enough strength to turn this around and escape the madness. Whether optimistic about this possibility or not, and no reason for unbridled optimism exists to date, without a major change in not only attitude, but also character, of the general population, the future will be very bleak indeed.

Truth-telling writers have for thousands of years warned of tyranny and global authoritarian rule, and what has now happened is the culmination of those prescient predictions. The human race has been through it all it seems; mass propaganda, heinous wars, torture, maiming, murderous slaughter, starvation, mass hatred, communism, tyranny, totalitarian monsters, sickness and death, and so much more. But in this current day, we face the beginning of the end of mankind; all due to a global political coup run by the ruling class, its banks, corporations, and governments, that began in early 2020, and spread like a fraudulent plague that was purposely used as the tool for the conquest of the world population. This merciless insanity has continued and advanced unabated since that time. What was said to be a short-term problem, and one that would allow for a return to some perceived ‘normal,’ in a matter of weeks, has turned into two years of irresponsible hysteria in the midst of tyranny. Now, there is no conclusion in sight; this by design, unless we as a people take on this totalitarian monster, and defeat it.

The timeline of these recent abhorrent events is literally unbelievable to any thinking being, but nonetheless this obvious state deception has captured the minds of the common hordes who make up the mass collective herd. Because of this dynamic, we all face extinction by depopulation, mind control, and technocratic domination; a planned outcome sought by the ruling few.

While the plan to rule the world due to a fake ‘virus’ was long in the making, decades in fact, these current events based on the bogus narrative began with the WHO pronouncement on January 9, 2020 that a “mysterious coronavirus pneumonia was found in Wuhan.” There was a specific reason why this false flag was said to have originated in China, as all roads to global totalitarian rule are based on the China model structured, set up, and funded over decades by the U.S. and much of the western world.

The following then occurred in 2020; the beginning of the final attempt of state takeover, but this is only a short and very brief list of initial events:

January 20 — CDC Says 3 US Airports Will Begin Screening for Coronavirus

January 21 — CDC ‘Confirms’ First US Coronavirus Case (LIE)

January 21 — Chinese Scientist ‘Confirms’ COVID-19 Human Transmission (LIE)

January 23 — Wuhan Now Under Quarantine

January 31 — WHO Issues Global Health Emergency

February 3 — US Declares Public Health Emergency

March 11 — WHO Declares COVID-19 a Pandemic (Lie)

March 13 — Trump Declares COVID-19 a National Emergency (The purposeful beginning of national totalitarianism)

March 25 — Reports Find Extended Shutdowns Can Delay Second Wave (Lie)

March 27 — Trump Signs CARES Act Into Law

April 29 — NIH Trial Shows Early Promise for Remdesivir (Lie-Remdesivir kills)

May 1 — Remdesivir Wins EUA (Depopulation efforts wins FDA approval)

May 15 — Trump announces “Operation Warp Speed” in order to fast track poison

May 21 — United States and AstraZeneca Form Vaccine Deal (Fascism)

June 30 — Fauci Warns New COVID-19 Cases Could Hit 100,000 a Day (Lie)

July 2 — States Reverse Reopening Plans

July 6 — Scientists, Citing Airborne Transmission, Ask WHO to Revise Guidance (Lie)

July 14 — Early Moderna Data Point to Vaccine Candidate’s Efficacy (Lie)

July 27 — Moderna Vaccine Begins Phase 3 Trial, Receives $472M From Trump Administration

August 3 — New US Pandemic Phase; US to Pay Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline $2B for Vaccine

August 11 — Trump Administration Reaches Deal With Moderna to pay them $1.5 billion

August 13 — Biden Calls for 3-Month Mask Mandate

August 24 — Remdesivir’s Clinical Benefits Questioned

September 8 — AstraZeneca Halts Phase 3 Vaccine Trial

September 16 — Trump Administration Releases Vaccine Distribution Plan

September 21 — CDC Pulls Guidance Saying COVID-19 Transmission Is Airborne

September 23 — A New, More Contagious Strain of COVID-19 Is Discovered (Lie)

October 9 — US Signs Deal With AstraZeneca (Another $486 billion)

October 12 — Johnson & Johnson Halts Vaccine Trial

October 22 — FDA Approves Remdesivir as First COVID-19 Drug (Pre-meditated murder)

November 16 — FDA to Move Rapidly on EUAs for Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines

December 11 — FDA Agrees to EUA for COVID-19 Vaccine From Pfizer, BioNTech

December 18 — FDA Signs Off on EUA for Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine

December 23 — US (Trump) Buys More Pfizer Vaccine

None of the timelines spoke of the shutting down of businesses, the loss of jobs, the resulting bankruptcy and starvation, the imprisonment due to home arrest of much of the population, the immune system ruin, the mass quarantines, the unending mandates, destruction of family, the mass travel shutdowns, continuous bogus testing, the murder of the elderly, the killing by remdesivir and ventilators, the staged and allowed riots and property destruction, the shutting down of supply lines, the rampant inflation, or many, many other atrocities committed by or due to the state over the past two years. And this is just the partial list for 2020. The year 2021 list is much longer, and more brutal, due to continued fascism and the poisonous and deadly ‘Covid’ injections that are killing more and more worldwide.

2021 saw a huge increase in adverse reactions to deadly shots falsely called ‘vaccines,’ much more harm at every level of state terror, huge maiming and death counts due to multiple poisonous bioweapon injections, death of athletes worldwide, more and more propaganda, lockdowns, quarantine, concentration camp construction across the western world, and lies about multiple ‘variants’ of a non-proven, non-existent mystery disease called “Covid-19.’ To list all the state’s barbarous acts over the past two years would take volumes, and the war on children is just now beginning.

Those who think this tyranny is lessening, those who’ believe’ all will end well, those who continue to comply with all mandates and orders, those who are now infected with toxic poison for life due to getting jabbed, those who have abandoned family because they do not act as slaves, and those who continue to cower in fear due to pathetic apathy, may not ever accept the truth, but they will certainly see it. One can hide from reality only so long before that reality consumes and devours them. That dreadful fate awaits many today, but it does not have to await the rest of us who are willing to defend our lives and freedom.

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

~ Ayn Rand

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Gary Barnett is a retired financial advisor and estate planner, and managed money for clients in his business for over thirty years. He also owned two other businesses during his life, and had a wild ride at times.

Gary has been writing about a full range of topics concerning freedom and liberty for many years, and has written for, The Future of Freedom Foundation, and several other publications over that time. He considers it a great passion in life to learn and continue to educate himself, and to promote and spread the ideas of liberty to all who are willing to listen. Freedom does not happen due to politics or constitutions, it can only exist in the minds of individuals.

Gary has appeared as a guest on several Internet and national radio shows, including Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Brian Wilson Show, Antiwar Radio, the Karen Kwiatkowski Radio Show, Liberty News Radio, and Radio Liberty.

He currently lives in Lewistown, Montana, with his wonderful wife Yoshie and son Leo.  He loves the outdoors, cooking and fine food, dogs, beaches, music, fly fishing, and exotic travel. More hobbies anyone?

As far as his philosophy is concerned, he is a peaceful anarchist believing in natural law without restriction by the state. While Gary understands the skepticism of most concerning the implementation of this type of individual political structure, it is the only system where liberty can be fully achieved. Peaceful anarchy is based on individual responsibility, self-reliance, voluntary exchange in free markets, non-aggression, and individual freedom; all necessary to achieve peace and harmony. Collectivism, central government, and war are not, and never will be the answer.

Writing is Gary’s passion, and now that he is retired, he can concentrate on that endeavor full time. Writing from a warm beach would be most preferable, but living in Montana does not allow for that luxury. He can however, put on his shorts and flip flops while sitting in front of his computer during the blizzards and brutal cold of Montana winters, and dream.

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