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For Conservatives, Our Republican “Allies” Are Far More Dangerous
Than Our Leftist Enemies
Mike Ford

We have spent a lot of time going back and forth about what our enemies in the Democrat Party are attempting to do. Make no bones about it gang, they are in no way any sort of loyal opposition. They are the enemy of all things American. They continue not only to support the downright evil policy of murdering and dismembering unborn babies in the womb, disproportionately those of minorities (genocide anyone?) but they also support the admission of mentally/emotionally disturbed males into female locker rooms to sexually prey on under age children. 

That’s just two. With a signature on a piece of paper on his first full day, the usurper in the White House put tens of thousands of tax paying Americans out of work. Just. Like. That.

The Democrat platform not only supports and promotes these policies, but seeks to ram them down the throats of normal Americans, who by the way, constitute the vast majority here in these United States. The Democrat agenda puts everyone but Americans first. I wrote about these Democrat priorities in a previous piece entitled, Opinion: Biden Once Again Demonstrates That Black Lives Don’t Matter to Him and Neither do Those of Women or Other Minorities.

I followed that up with a sort of ”marker” to set the end of the Trump administration/start point of the Biden administration, so we have something to contrast come the midterm elections.

Those are simply some of the policy discussions. Anyone with an IQ above plant life could see they are important. What we also can see is, that although President Trump was clearly on his way to winning the election on the his policy accomplishments, the Democrats saw it too and knew they were in for a drubbing. So they prepared for and actually accomplished an open and notorious theft. Like leftists everywhere, if they can’t win, they cheat.

The current phase of their operation is to convince everyone that it’s ”time to move on. It’s time to put all of this behind us and ‘come together’ for the sake of ‘unity.’” That is garbage, for a number of reasons. My good friend and colleague, Mike Miller, has an excellent piece out about just this issue. He says:

In Democrat-speak, “unity,” “let’s come together,” “let’s lower the temperature,” and everything else “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” while “I buy the world a Coke” is a one-way-street proposition — exactly like their similar “tolerance” nonsense.

It is the job of the Right to tolerate them.
We must tolerate their beliefs. We must tolerate their values. We must tolerate their morals — or lack thereof. And when we don’t? We are “rightfully” called bigoted, racist, white supremacists, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynist, and worse.

I agree with my colleague. It’s most definitely a one-way street. In this case, its purpose is to distract from a stolen election and with the assistance of Big Tech, have us confess that it was we who were the ones somehow in the wrong, kind of like the show trials under Stalin:

Here is where my Pal Mike (great name ain’t it?) left out (likely to give me something to write about) an important piece of the equation. We know the Democrats are going to vote democrat. It’s the old scorpion fable; remember? The Scorpion convinces a Frog to carry him across a river. The Frog totes the Scorpion halfway across and then the democrat Scorpion stings him. As they are about to drown the Frog asks, “Why did you do this?” The scorpion replies, “I’m a scorpion; that’s what I do.”

Democrats are like scorpions, they will sting you and often for no apparent reason. We conservatives understand that. It comes as no great surprise. What continues to take us aback, are the almost like clockwork actions of Republican versions of Benedict Arnold.

We all know him. A General in the Continental Army, Arnold sold the plans to Fortress West Point up on the Hudson River in New York. Far from being a simple, backwoods, unimportant assignment, as Arnold complained, it was a strategic linchpin. The fortress, actually a series of mini-forts, all within cannon range of each other, protected a sharp curve in the Hudson River. The Continental Army had stretched an iron chain to prevent British forces from using the River for resupply and/or reinforcement. Fortress West Point was there to overwatch that critical barrier.

There was actually a Broadway production that detailed General Arnold’s treason. I’m sure all of us could identify more than a few supposedly conservative pundits who could easily fit such a role. And of course, the erudite folks who form the Red State client base can easily list several Republican politicians who could definitely vie to play the lead in, “Benedict Arnold, The Musical.”

Like the Arnold case, it’s those who are purportedly on our side who are actually sticking the shiv to us. We have allegedly conservative pundits referring to Trump supporters as ”Cletus,” in an (as usual for uninformed leftists and never-Trumpers) attempt to denigrate us. Turns out that the etymology for the name Cletus, means ”glory, as was actually the name of one of Alexander’s generals and more than a few professional baseball players, both minor and major league.

Then we have luminaries such as Representative Liz Cheney Senator Willard Romney and now Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who all have displayed pusillanimity far beyond the pale. This is especially true for Romney, who all but groveled on the floor at President Trump’s feet in order to obtain Senate endorsement. Romney then blatantly and falsely accused the President of fomenting a riot at the Capitol Building, not to mention, going along with a patently unconstitutional Senate trial of a private citizen….because his nose was out of joint, just like Arnold.

The Democrats are easy to deal with. If they propose something, it’s likely evil and we should oppose it on general principles. Dealing with those allegedly on our side, is a little more difficult. We have to eliminate them between elections and most certainly by the end of primary season. If we don’t, then we end up faces with a Hobson’s choice…something more than one of your Republican governors have left us in several Senate races.

What is it that Pogo said? We have met the enemy and he is us.”










Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters. 

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